Things My Cat Wants to Play Fetch With

Brent and I have a Blue Russian cat named Ivan. Here he is:


Ivan REALLY likes to play fetch. When we first got him, I realized that he loved to run around the house, so I started getting him to chase things…and then eventually he started bringing them back.

Since he’s gotten the hang of the game, now he’ll sometimes bring us strange objects from around the house to try to get us to throw them for us…even if we’re sleeping and/or the object isn’t aerodynamic. Some of the things that he’s brought us have been so weird that I realized I should probably start compiling a list, because it’s pretty hilarious.

Things Our Cat Wants to Play Fetch With:

  1. A (unused) Q-tip
  2. A measuring cup
  3. A pill that says “4h2” on it that neither Brent or I recognize
  4. A tissue
  5. A plastic Ziploc bag with a USB drive inside
  6. Headphones
  7. A (wrapped) Rice Krispies treat
  8. A red wax wrapper from one of those Babyel mini cheeses
  9. Plastic grocery bag
  10. A zip-tie
  11. The cap from a prescription pill bottle
  12. A cupcake wrapper
  13. My mouthguard
  14. A tube of chapstick
  15. A feather
  16. A tinfoil package containing pills (like one of these)

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