About Me

Hi! My name is Miranda and this is my blog.


I’ve been blogging since September of 2010 over at my other blog, Biting Life. That blog is where I share my tasty, original recipes and talk about my weight loss journey. Since that blog was a little bit of everything, posts about books have made an appearance there. But when I started to get more and more into books and, in particular, book blogging, I realized that maybe it was time to start a new blog. A place just for books.

So, that’s what this is.

Some of you might be wondering…Tempest Books? Why did you pick that name? Easy. My name is Miranda and The Tempest, a play by William Shakespeare, is my namesake. Shakespeare actually invented the name Miranda, so that’s kind of cool. I also just like the word “tempest.” A tempest is a violent windstorm, or an uproar. It also has an implied symbolic meaning of change.

I like it!

More stuff about me…

I disabled. I have something called Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, which makes it very painful for me to walk.


I have a boyfriend, his name is Brent, and we live in a house together with our two guinea pigs (Wesley and Harvey) and our cat, Ivan.

I LOVE books. DUH. My favorite genres are Young Adult (specifically dystopian), New Adult (there are a few good gems in there), Thriller (especially the psychological kind), and general Literary Fiction (like Jodi Picoult and Sarah Jio, etc.).

On this blog, you’ll find a ton of different things about books. Book reviews, to-be read piles, monthly wrap-ups, book hauls, book blasts, giveaways, random posts about book topics, and more!

I hope you take off your coat, settle down into that comfy armchair in the corner, and stay here with me for a while.

7 responses to “About Me

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  2. The world can never have enough book bloggers 😉 I’m looking forward to reading your future posts :D! Oh and if you get a blog button set up, just drop me a note so I can add you to my blog roll 😉

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  5. Hi Miranda, I love the way you decided on your blog name, you put so much thought and effort into it! Makes me feel like I should rethink mine. 😛

  6. That is a GREAT origin story for the name of your blog. 😉 And there are plenty of tempests in the book-blogging world. Whether they are teapot-sized remains in the eye of the beholder, I suppose. Nice to meet you!

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