10 responses to “October 2014 Wrap Up

    • Yup, I pretty much had the same opinion. I pretty much only finished the second half of the series so that I could find out how it was all going to end haha. But at least now I have another completed series under my belt!

      • HA I was about to post this exact same question. The first one was fine, a little weak, but fine. The second one was pretty crappy and I never bothered with the third. I remember when Matched was released and they spent months and months hyping it and then it was …. flat. I liked the cover design and how the main character got to keep a little piece of the dress and then others went on to wear the same one. It was very practical and consistent with such a utilitarian society.

    • Yeah it’s not that great, to be honest. I wanted to try it out because it seems like it’s one of those series that EVERYBODY has read, but I didn’t love it. The first book is the best one, so if you’re not into it now, I definitely wouldn’t recommend continuing haha 🙂

      • I actually stopped reading the first book. I discontinued because I can already predict the Hunger Games-like plot. I felt a rebellion or something close to it would be happening. It seems the writer was not able to hide that fact even in the book’s initial pages.

      • I feel like there’s usually a rebellion element in most dystopian novels (it sort of comes with the territory) — so I’m not sure that I agree that it was very similar to the Hunger Games (it’s much more like the Delirium trilogy if anything), mostly because the setup of the societies are really different, and especially due to things that happen later in the series (there IS sort of a rebellion, but the female main character is barely involved in it besides witnessing a few things) — but I have to admit that I am getting kind of sick of the whole “bad society” => “rebellion” plot as well. So I think I’m probably done with dystopians for at least the foreseeable future, haha. I’m dystopian-ed out.

        Thanks so much for commenting 🙂

  1. How did you like Sea of Monsters? I’m working on the second series and loving it 😀

    Also: good to know about the Matched books. I’ve got them for my sister but I guess I’ll read them eventually. Probably a bit further in the future now 😛

    • It was okaayy. I’m kind of disappointed that I’m not loving that series more. I think I might be done with it for now :/ It’s just a little too action-y for me. I prefer more character-driven stories, so it’s not really doing it for me. I’m glad you like the one you’re reading, though 🙂

      I think that your sister will like them, but I don’t see them becoming a FAVORITE of hers like The Jewel, because I didn’t find them quite as entertaining and fast-paced.

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