Poor Little Dead Girls by Lizzie Friend {Book Review}



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Poor Little Dead Girls is a creepy, fascinating, page-turner of a book that I can’t believe I didn’t read sooner! Where is the hype that should be surrounding this book? I’m surprised that I hadn’t really heard anything about it before deciding to pick it up a few weeks ago. While it wasn’t a perfect book, it was almost exactly what I was looking for out of a book with a cover that asks the question: “Is it a game? Or is it murder?”

My favorite part about this book was how engrossing it was. I literally couldn’t put it down…I read it in less than 24 hours! I just had to know what was going to happen. All of the characters in this novel were really great, too. The main character, Sadie, could’ve had a little bit more depth to her — as much as I liked her, I didn’t have a super strong emotional connection to her or her story. She was more like a vehicle through  which the story was told rather than a really relatable and dynamic person.

But I really enjoyed all of the other characters, especially Sadie’s twin roommates, her best friends Jessica and Brett, and the resident mean girl Thayer. I actually thought that Thayer’s character was by far the most interesting. Normally I hate the “mean girl” trope, but Poor Little Dead Girls didn’t succumb at all to the clichéd version of that plot line. Thayer was an extremely round character whose motivations were intriguing, and every scene that she was in was made better by her presence.

The plot was the part of the book that I had the biggest problem with. I really liked some parts of it, but at times I thought it was missing something. I wish that it’d been a little creepier in general… although there were some things that I found extremely eery and was more than a little skeeved out by. At one point while reading it, the wind slammed my bedroom door shut and I seriously almost screamed because I was at a very tense and scary part of the book. But it definitely could’ve used a bit more “thriller” and a bit less “Gossip Girl.” There were a lot of scenes with pretty dresses — which I’ll admit that I loved — but sometimes I felt like those parts of the book almost undermined the underlying creepiness of the whole thing by making it all seem less serious.

But, ultimately, this book was awesome. Totally worth the read even though I did have to dock a few stars for the problems I had with it. I would definitely recommend this book to fans of the TV show Pretty Little Liars because of the fashion + murder aspect, and also to fans of The Fever by Megan Abbott because they both deal with the whole “teenage girls can be really crazy sometimes” thing.

My Rating 3.5 Ships

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