Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins {Book Review}


Rebel Belle BI


My Review

This book was exactly what I needed! After going through the loss of our cat Ivan, this feel-good and funny book was almost like comfort food for me. I wasn’t exactly sure what the expect going into it (I kind of thought it was going to be historical fiction for some reason?), but I ended up loving it and devoured the whole thing in less than a day.

Harper Price was exactly the kind of heroine that I can get behind. All at once being sarcastic, adorable, and badass, I seriously couldn’t get enough of her. Her personality was just so likable, and she kind of reminded me of myself…if I was 100% more outgoing, from the South, and knew my way around a sword, that is. Okay, so maybe we’re not all that alike. But I was able to relate to her a lot, and really enjoyed how much her strong personality shone through the pages.

And of course there’s David Stark. Oh, man. He’s a cutie. Even though his and Harper’s relationship is very tense for a large portion of this book, I liked his character from the second he entered the story. Their competitive banter was fun to read and often hilarious. I also liked how well Hawkins handled the secondary characters. They were very fleshed out and each had their own personalities.

I also thought that the fantasy aspect of this book was great. There was a really good balance between the three main elements of the book: Harper’s self-discovery, the romance, and the fantasy. But the fantasy itself was really the star of this book, I think. The weird and unique mythology-type stuff that Hawkins chose to use in this story was so cool! I was very interesting in learning all about Paladins, and I love how much time was spent on the education and training of Harper.

Well, there’s not much else to say. This book was awesome. Rebel Belle is fast-paced, laugh-inducing, gripping, and just all-around a great read. Although I can’t say that I connected super strongly in an emotional way to the story or the characters, I had such a fun time reading it and it was the absolute perfect book to get me out of my funk. I’d highly recommend this book to fans of the Beautiful Creatures series or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Or, really, just about anybody!

My Rating 4 Ships

One response to “Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins {Book Review}

  1. First, I am so, so sorry to hear about your loss. That is such an awful thing to go through 😦

    I am glad you enjoyed the book though. The main character sounds really great. I had wanted to read this one, but I kind of didn’t know what to make of it. But I love that it is the kind of book that can make you laugh, I am always in search of those! Great review 🙂

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