Life of a Blogger Catch-Up: February 2014

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So it’s taking me a while to catch up on these, haha. But I do think that it’s a great way for you guys to get to know me a little better!

If You Could Live Anywhere?


Right now, I live in Rhode Island with my boyfriend, Brent. I haven’t always lived in the same town, but I was born in this state and have never lived anywhere else. I don’t think that I’m really a “city person” in reality, but every time I visit New York City it’s easy to fantasize about how nice it would be to live there. Besides the sky-high apartment prices, I just love pretty much everything about it.

But to be honest I really can’t picture myself anywhere else but little ol’ Rhodie. We’ve got some major problems with government and poverty and stuff, but I don’t think anywhere else would really feel like home.


Plans for the Future

Hmmm. At the moment, I don’t really have any plans?

I guess I have a vague idea of what direction I want my life to go in, but honestly it’s hard to make long-term plans when I’m still waiting to find a cure for my disability. Since I graduated college almost two years ago, I’ve sort of felt like my life is in limbo…like I’m just sitting here waiting for it to start. It’s tough to think about stuff like potentially having kids one day or figuring out a career path when I worry if those things will ever become feasible for me.

But I’ve always been such a “planner” and a “worrier” that I actually think it might be good for me not to have a plan right now. As much as it’s tough not to know how things are going to work out, it’s also good that it’s one less thing I have to stress about.


I think that the only big-ish plan I have in my head is that I really want to get married to Brent at some point. In November, we’ll have been dating for four years, but we’ve been putting off an engagement (for various reasons) until we feel like it’s the “right time.” But, regardless of whether or not that happens anytime soon, we’re 100% sure of each other and I know that someday in the future there’ll be some sort of ring on my finger and a knot to be tied 😉

Introvert or Extrovert?


Oh, I’m such an introvert it’s not even funny. I actually do really well one-on-one or with small groups of people, but honestly I just prefer to chill at home with a book and my kitty (and Brent, but whatever 😛 ). Like, basically every night. My Dad is the same way…we just prefer a really low-key lifestyle. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

Guilty Pleasures


Without a doubt, my biggest guilty pleasure is reality TV. I watch Dance Moms, Teen Mom 2, Sister Wives, 16 and Pregnant, The Bachelor/Bachelorette….the list goes on. I don’t know what it is about those shows that makes them so addicting, but I can’t stop watching them!


I think that I’d also say buying books is a guilty pleasure. Even though it’s not really something that I keep secret like maybe you would other guilty pleasures, it’s definitely a pleasure that I’m guilty about, haha!

What are some of your guilty pleasures? Where would you live if you could live ANYWHERE?


3 responses to “Life of a Blogger Catch-Up: February 2014

    • Awww thank you ❤

      I really do love how pretty Rhode Island is! There's so many beautiful sights to see. And there's definitely that sense of community with the state being so small that everybody is practically related in one way or another, haha. But there's lots of poverty and government corruption, so it's definitely not perfect :/ And I'm sure you would NOT love the weather. Snow seems and looks pretty, but driving in blizzard conditions is basically the worst thing ever.

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