August Wrap-Up & September TBR

August & September


August Favorites

  1. Fan Art by Sarah Tregay, Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins, and The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank — These are the three books that made it on to my favorites shelf this month! Fan Art got 4.5 stars from me, but the other two were both 5-star reads in my opinion.
  2. Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation — I finally took my butt over to Sephora and had them match me with some decent foundation. I’ve been using drugstore foundation since forever, but with my super fair skin and extreme redness problem, it just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Not only was it not light enough, but it wasn’t lasting all day either. So I tried out this Kat Von D full-coverage foundation and oh my god it’s amazing. It perfectly covers my redness and it lasts all day long. And a whole big thing of it for only $34 is a great deal. Sephora, you may have stolen my heart.
  3. Rookie Blue, The Wire, and Bachelor in Paradise — Rookie Blue is one of my favorite shows, and man this season is tense! I’m still behind; I’ve got 5 episodes left I think, but it’s so great! Brent also finally convinced me to start watching The Wire with him this summer, because it’s his all-time favorite show, and I’m so glad I did! We’re on season two and I’m loving it. Bachelor in Paradise is another reality TV show that I can’t get enough of — oh my god, the people on this show are seriously insane, but I just can’t stop watching.
  4. Pomegranate Raspberry Eos — I’ve tried almost all of the different Eos flavors and this one is by far my favorite! It’s so yummy.
  5. Olay Fresh Effects {Dew Over} Hydrating Gel Moisturizer — The lady at Sephora said that, to help with my redness, I should also try a gel moisturizer that has either tea or cucumber ingredients, so I picked up this one from the store and I absolutely love it. It makes my face feel so cool and fresh, and it’s way better than the Yes to Carrots one that I was using before.
  6. I’m Not the Only One by Sam Smith — This song has been playing on repeat all month. I freaking love it so much. I can’t stop singing it! I’m not really obsessed with any of the other songs on his album, but I love this one. And have you seen the video?? TEARS.

Books Read This Month

Books Read August


Reading Stats

August Stats

I ended up achieving both my goals for the Beat the Heat Readathon (4,800 pages between 8/11-9/1) and ARC August (7 ARCs)!

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September TBR

6 responses to “August Wrap-Up & September TBR

  1. I wish I could read that many books in a month:-D I’m dying to get to The Goldfinch, hope you enjoy it!

    • This past month was my personal record!! I couldn’t believe I read that much haha. But I was trying really hard. I’m definitely going to cool it down a bit for September.

      I just started it last night! I’ve only read about 50 pages, but so far I’m liking it 🙂

  2. Oh gosh, I am sooo obsessed with Bachelor in Paradise as well. There is so much DRAMA. Nothing gets me more riled up than watching Bachelor in Paradise.

    And YES, I’m Not the Only One has been played OVER AND OVER on my iPod as well. Can’t get enough of it.

    Miranda are you some type of reading machine?? 24 books in a month is crazy! I wish I could read 24 books in a month because then I’d no longer be behind on my Goodreads challenge.

    Happy reading for September! And ooh Tiger Lily, Eleanor & Park and Dangerous Girls are all SO GOOD.

    • Haha I know, it was a little insane…DEFINITELY not a normal reading month for me! I was trying really hard to push my limits and beat my personal record. I’m probably going to read a lot less in September, because now I’m kind of burnt out haha.

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