Thirty YA Books That Changed My World

30 YA Books That Changed My World

A while ago, Kayla @ The Thousand Lives wrote this post entitled Thirty YA Books That Changed My World. Apparently it was based off this post from Cait @ Notebook Sisters, which was in turn based off of the Epic Reads post: 30 Books That Will Change Your View of the World.

Well, I loved Kayla’s post and thought it looked like fun, so I decided that I wanted to join in, too! Here are my 30 YA books that have changed my world.

…Because They Got Me into Reading YA

Got Me Interested

…Because They Convinced Me That I Actually Like Fluffy YA Romance

Fluffy YA



…Because I Related SO STRONGLY with the Main Character



…Because They Are Beautifully Written

Beautifully Written


…Because They’re Classics for a Reason



…Because They Are Just Plain GOOD

Plain Good


…Because They’re Interesting and Different

Interesting & Different


Would any of the books on my list be on your list? What are some of the YA books that changed YOUR world?


17 responses to “Thirty YA Books That Changed My World

  1. Really great list, I totally agree with the ones you picked for getting us to read YA in the first place! The classics as well, I remember reading Anne Frank I’m high school, still have to read perks though. Great picks, I really enjoyed them!

  2. Great idea! And I love your list, although I haven’t read very many of these. But totally agree about The Book Thief and Stolen Songbird (or sorry, that’s the short story. You should read Stolen Songbird too!)

  3. Awesome! I think I would have a hard time thinking of YA books that changed my life. I mean, as for reading YA, it was a real gradual thing. I’m a children’s librarian, but in Library School, I took a YA lit class. So I have been reading YA for a long time. I’m not sure what prompted me to read so much YA now.

    I think Twilight would be on my list. And I also SOOOo related to Rachel from Crash Into You. It was kind of scary actually, how much I understood her. Oh and Cath from Fangirl, too.

    • I didn’t relate to Cath as much, but Rachel is probably the character that I’ve felt the most connected to in YA. I just related with her so much! Ahhh I have to re-read that book! Definitely my favorite of the series 🙂

      I’ve only just recently gotten really into YA. Up until maybe 1-2 years ago, the majority of what I read was adult lit…even as a teenager. I feel like the selection of good YA books was so bad when I was growing up (there were, like, two shelves of it at my library and it was basically just The Giver and Sweet Valley High lol), so eventually I just gave up and started reading almost all adult stuff. But reading Twilight and then The Hunger Games…I started to realize how much YA was evolving and that there were YA books out there that I might actually really like! And so now I guess I’m kind of making up for lost time haha. I love how diverse the genre is now and how MANY books there are. But I still do and always will love adult lit as well…but for right now, YA definitely makes up the majority of what I read.

  4. The “fluffy romance” section is so full of win I can’t even describe how happy it made me ^_^

    Me Since You… ❤ THAT BOOK

    Oh my god this reminds me I still need to read Aristotle and Dante *puts it on my TBR stack*. Ohhh and The Sea of Tranquility too. I always see it at Target; one of these days I’ll buy a copy.

  5. Twilight and The Hunger Games were the books that got me into YA too. And I think I always had a soft spot for (good!) fluffy romance so it’s no wonder that I enjoyed ANNA and Everything Leads to You (though, I didn’t feel said romance in ELtY…) And yes, The Sea of Tranquility and Ari & Dante are both written heart-stoppingly beautifully 🙂 They are two of my all-time-favorites.

    • After I wrote this post, I ended up buying a physical copy of The Sea of Tranquility because I NEEDED it on my bookshelf! Definitely one of my all-time favorites, too 🙂 Such a great book.

  6. Such a great list! The Hunger Games was totally my gateway into YA too, and Divergent sealed the deal 😉 I definitely have to check out these fluffy romance ones, I need a bit more fluffy romance in my life but I am always too scared to try! Definitely agree with Shatter Me, TFIOS, and Siege and Storm. I must read Aristotle and Dante too! And I have Mara Dyer AND This Is Not a Test on my bookshelf. Clearly I am going to have to be reading them very very soon!

    • YES, definitely! All of these are must-reads 🙂 Well maybe not Mara Dyer…that book is kind of love/hate for me. But I really enjoyed the second book in the series.

      I was always sure that I hated YA contemporary romance, especially fluffy ones — but this past year I’ve tried out a bunch to get myself out of my comfort zone, and I found a few that I adored! So I’m really glad I decided to take the chance 🙂

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  8. Great list! Definitely gave me some ideas for my “Winter Must-Read List.” I love YA, I feel like even when the writing isn’t amazing the story lines usually have me completely hooked (Twilight, for example!).

    I just started The Book Thief and so far I love it~ Sea of Tranquility is next.

    Thanks for sharing!
    xx LK

    • I totally agree with you…usually I find that it’s the opposite with Adult lit. Like, it might be a technically well-written book, yet there’s much more of a possibility that I’ll be bored with it vs. a not-so-well-written YA book that I can’t put down!

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  9. The Twilight books were the ones that got me into reading. I don’t like them as much today but they’re still going to be my babies ^^ I read mainly YA and Fantasy and I have to say that everyone who doesn’t read is missing out!

    You’re list is awesome really love it and will try some of this books, that I haven’t read, out 🙂

    Greetings 😉

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