The Beginning of Everything by Robin Schneider {Book Review}


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*sigh* Man, I was really hoping that I was going to like this one more. This is the second YA contemporary in a row now that I’ve read and not really liked — it’s kind of a bummer. It’s not that this book was awful, though…it just wasn’t particularly very good.

One thing that I did really like about this book was that the main character, Ezra, has a disability. It’s just very rare that I get to read a book that allows me to connect to a character in that way, so I did appreciate that part of it. I also really enjoyed Ezra’s friend Toby. He was funny and a really sweet kid, even though life is kind of cruel to him. The last thing I liked about this book was the ending. I thought that it was fitting and is how the story probably would’ve ended if it was real life. There’s a time and a place for perfectly happy endings, and The Beginning of Everything wasn’t it — I’m glad the author decided to end it the way she did.

But, unfortunately, the rest of the book I did not like. I had trouble mostly with the characters (specifically Cassidy) and the plot. My biggest problem with the plot was…that there really wasn’t one. It was a fairly quick read, but I spent a lot of it a little bored with the story. And things never really got interesting, even towards the end. There’s a bit of a plot twist that eventually happens, but to me it felt so awkward and poorly done that I couldn’t even like the fact that I was surprised by it. It just seemed kind of…fake.

And so did Cassidy’s character, to be honest. I just couldn’t like her! I tried and tried and tried…but, no. She was a manic pixie dream girl who wasn’t all that nice of a person. So not only was she a complete cliché, she was also extremely unlikable. Even when things about her character are finally revealed and the reader is able to understand why she’d said and done certain things, I still didn’t end up liking her. I thought that her excuse was flimsy, and it didn’t make up for all of the mean things she’d done to Ezra. Not that Ezra was an amazing friend himself…neither of them were very likable, actually. Although Ezra does become more sympathetic throughout the book.

I just had trouble connecting with this story because I disliked both of the main characters and it was pretty boring. There are definitely a few redeeming qualities here, but not enough that I ended up loving it as much as I really wanted to. So many people have recommended this book to me — so I feel like kind of bitch for having these opinions about it. But I guess this one just wasn’t for me.

My Rating

2.5 Ships


3 responses to “The Beginning of Everything by Robin Schneider {Book Review}

  1. Still makes me sad that you didn’t love this one, but I have to agree that Cassidy was annoying. Honestly, if I could have been more focused on Toby and Ezra’s friendship and Ezra learning how to deal with his disability and all the issues at school, it would have been better. More of a friendship based plot, rather than a romance plot. But I just loved all the geeky bits so maybe that’s disguising my dislike for Cassidy 😛

    • Yeah I think that I would’ve really liked that book…a Toby and Ezra book with more about the disability stuff. Oh well :/ I’m sorry that I didn’t like it as much as you did! I hate it when that happens, ugh.

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