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This book. THIS BOOK. I can’t even begin to explain to you guys how glad I am that I finally decided to pick up this book. Since I was going on vacation, I figured it would be the perfect time to experiment with some contemporary reads, since it’s not usually a favorite genre of mine, and — oh my god — was my first pick absolutely incredible. First of all…can we just look at that cover for a second? Holy gorgeous. Even before I read this book, it was already my favorite cover of 2014, and after reading it, I might love it even more.

I’m going to try to jumble all of my feelings about this book into semi-understandable sentences, but please forgive me if I just can’t do it. Everything Leads to You is the kind of book that you just can’t describe with just words. For me, it was an excruciatingly emotional read, in the best possible way. Although it was mostly a happy, fluffy kind of book, the feelings experienced by the main character Emi are so realistic and written so well, that I couldn’t help but be brought back to a certain time in my life. I was shocked by how accurately LaCour was able to portray the feelings of falling in love, and I almost felt like I was falling in love all over again myself.

Part of this is because Emi is such a relatable character. She’s adorably innocent and uncomfortably naïve, but we learn those lessons with her as she grows and changes throughout the novel. I loved every single one of the other characters as well. I also appreciated that there was a fair amount of diversity included, and not just with LGBT characters. Another thing that made this novel cool was it’s very interesting focus on movie set design. I’ve never read anything about that before — or, honestly, ever even thought that much about it — but it was so interesting to learn about. I really feel like I understand and respect that part of Hollywood a whole lot more now. And it was such an intriguing thing for Emi to be interested in. I mean, how many times is the main character of a book an avid Jane Austen fan or somebody who’s really into indie music? Emi’s hobby was so different and cool. I couldn’t help but be sucked into her world of couches, plants, and teapots.

And to go with those amazing characters and intense emotional connection to the story? Why, of course, perfectly delicious lyrical writing. I couldn’t even get over how beautiful this book was. I marked down so many passages that I wanted to read over and over again just because they sounded so pretty in my head. I will definitely be re-reading this book one day. I don’t think I’d be able to help myself!

The plot was kind of strange in this book…something a little weird and different that I wasn’t expecting at all. But even though it was very unrealistic, the way that LaCour wrote it all made it totally work! Normally I have huge problems with unrealistic plotlines, but I adored this one. I can’t quite put my finger on why it all just clicked for me, but I’m not going to question it! It was just…awesome. And there doesn’t have to be an explanation for why that part of the plot didn’t bother me.

Obviously, everybody just needs to READ THIS BOOK. It’s without a doubt one of my top ten books of 2014 so far, and I will definitely be reading anything and everything else LaCour wants to write. Everything Leads to You was incredible, and that’s all you really need to know.

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4 responses to “Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour {Book Review}

  1. Sounds amazing! You aren’t the first blogger to fall in love with this book, so I am definitely going to read it at some point. Thanks for sharing your thoughts:-)

  2. Well, you already know how I feel about this book, so there’s really not much I can add! But I love what you said about Emi’s hobby: there’s a huge list of YA Jane Austen fanatics (not a bad thing) or indi-hipster type characters, but Emi is SO unique, and it was really interesting to get into that mindset and see all the little quirks that make a person an individual.

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