Why YOU Should Help Support LitRate!

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Ashley from NoseGraze has created this idea — LitRate — to be a competitor to Goodreads. You guys, I am SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. I literally don’t think that I could be more excited about this project.


First of all, it’s Ashley. I mean, c’mon. Can you think of anybody better to run a site like this? Especially with Coding God at her side? This thing is obviously bound to be freaking amazing.

And I also love how it’s a very community-based project. Yes, it’s Ashley’s and Coding God’s baby, but really, it’s all of ours. This is a site that we’d be able to call home. And I think that’s worth donating a little time and effort towards! And because Ashley is a book blogger and a lover of books in general, this site would be so much better than a corporate effort like Goodreads. Ashley will listen to us and strive to make LitRate the best book cataloguing and social networking site ever.

I’ve already donated some of my own money towards this project, I have the button in my sidebar, and this is the second post I’ve written about how AWESOME LitRate is bound to be! And I’m excited for you guys to get involved, too! But if you’re still not convinced that this is absolutely where your money should be headed, here’s a couple points about how and why LitRate is going to not only exist, but become the ultimate site for book bloggers and lovers everywhere:

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1. Ashley and Coding God already have a better search engine than Goodreads’ current one. There will be no more struggling to find the book or author that you’re looking for! So many of you guys commented about how sucky the Goodreads search engine is on my 13 Things I Wish Goodreads Did Better post (seriously, could Ashley’s announcement have come at a better time?!), and if LitRate becomes a reality, you’ll never have to gripe about that ever again!

2. You’ll be able to discover books with or without specific categories. This new way to discover books that Ashley came up with is SO COOL! Here’s an idea of how it would work (image from NozeGraze.com):


3. It will be run by book lovers, not Amazon. I’m actually not one of those people who hates Amazon, but clearly they’re not the most popular company out there. I’m sure that there are a lot of book lovers who begrudgingly use Goodreads, knowing that it’s owned by Amazon, only because it’s pretty much the only/best option for that type of site right now. Well, not only will LitRate not be corporate, it’ll be run by the exact people who know just what we want and need in a site like this. And they’ll be listening to our suggestions to help improve the site! Ashley has already researched alllll of our complaints about Goodreads, and she can’t wait to fix all of those problems and kick their butts in the customer service department!

4. Half stars! And, of course, what you’ve all been waiting for….HALF STARS!!! This is one of the biggest complaints about Goodreads site, and Ashley is all over that. LitRate is definitely going to let you rate things by half stars, which is seriously so freaking cool! I can’t wait for that.

5. Review drafts & scheduling. This is my personal favorite reason for why LitRate is going to be awesome. Easily my biggest complaint about Goodreads is that it doesn’t auto-save your reviews or let you create drafts. WHY?! Well, Ashley has no clue why, so she’s totally going to fix it for us! And, as a bonus, there is a possibility that we might also be able to schedule reviews as well! Which completely gets rid of the problem I talked about in Monday’s post: What’s the Best Way to Post Your Reviews on Goodreads?

white background Well, those are more than enough reasons for me! And that’s exactly why I decided to donate!

I hope that this list convinced you that you should pony up some cash as well. But if you’re really not able to spare any right now (I know that a lot of us are broke high school and college students! Or, like me, post-college and still broke!), then at least help spread the word! Any little bit counts 🙂

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1. Tweet. Seriously, go tweet your little heart out! Spreading the word is a huge help! The more people know about LitRate, the more it will get funded! Just tweet about it in general, or even tweet the links to specific posts in which Ashley talks about how great LitRate is going to be.

Blog Posts About LitRate:

Ashley’s introductory post: LitRate — The Next Big Thing in the Reading World!

Ashley’s guest post on Once Upon a Chapter — How LitRate Can Improve Bookish Discussions

Heather Hearts Books — All About LitRate!

Ashley’s guest post on Phantasmic Reads — What It Takes to Create a Book Cataloging Site

Finley Jayne’s Going to the Library — Let’s Be Part of Something Amazing!

Ashley’s guest post on Istyria Book Blog — 5 Reasons People Aren’t Happy with Goodreads Exclusively

Read. Sleep. Repeat. — We Need Your Help!

Ashley’s guest post on Pinkindle — Creating My First Bookish Business Plan

Vulcan Post — LitRate is Made By Book Lovers, For Book Lovers

Ashley’s guest post on Fantasy Is More Fun — You Asked and LitRate is Listening

Awesome Book Assessment — LitRate, Potentially the New GoodReads

2. Comment. Go and comment on those posts as well! The more comments and views a post about LitRate has, the more popular it becomes. Even the littlest bit of support can go a long way!

3. Facebook. What about the people who like to read who aren’t bloggers? They need to know about this, too! Even though this will be a site created by a book blogger and using the ideas of other book bloggers, it’s for all readers and book lovers! Spread the word on Facebook, and maybe some non-bloggers will be interested in the idea and want to donate, too!

4. Button up. Look at these cute little buttons Ashley has created just for this purpose! Placing one on your sidebar is a great way to promote LitRate, whether or not you’ve been able to donate!

5. Post. How about writing a post about LitRate? Just like this one! The more people that hear about the benefits of LitRate and Ashley’s awesomeness, the more people that will be excited to help support it!

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Even a small donation of $1 (dude, that’s less than a coffee) would be SO appreciated by Ashley and the Coding God. And me! There’s nothing I would love more than to see this site come into existence. And, hey, donating $20 will get you access to the beta!! Isn’t that so cool? But if donating really isn’t in the cards, help us out by tweeting, commenting, or even posting at least one time! Any and all effort helps!

Thank you guys so much!! Let’s make this thing happen!

8 responses to “Why YOU Should Help Support LitRate!

  1. Great post! And yes, every dollar helps get us all closer to making this happen! That’s less than one cup of fancy coffee, for something that will be a huge benefit for both readers and book bloggers!

  2. Ahh thank you SO much for this post! It makes me so glad to see someone so excited. And to make things even more awesome, YOU USED THE BUBBLEGUM FONT!!

    • Anything this cool clearly deserves bubblegum font usage!

      You’re welcome 🙂 I’m rooting for you SO HARD, Ashley! I really want to see this succeed. Please let me know if there’s anything else I could be doing.

  3. Great post Miranda! I’m so excited about this too – If I could I would donate way more than I already have. I just know this is going to be great – I hope we make the goal. Ashley and her husband are the best people I could dream of to create this site!

  4. I totally want to see LitRate happen! I hope to get myself to the bank so I can put some funds in my “paying for things online” card. Soon! Soon! I’m so excited for this. 😀

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