In a Book Lover’s Shopping Cart (#1)

In a Book Lover's Shopping Cart

Book Lover's Shopping Cart #1

  1. Book Lover’s Key Ring — This is so cute! I looks like it might be kind of heavy to have on a key ring, but I still think it’s awesome.
  2. Book Spine Light Switch Cover — If you have a library in your house, this would be PERFECT for the light switch! I’m totally going to get one of these for my future library.
  3. Storybook Rug — This would be adorable for a baby’s room! If I ever have a baby, they are totally going to have a book-inspired nursery.
  4. Book Spine Throw Pillow — I kind of really want this one! Again, it’d be perfect for a library. Or really just any room in the house. It’s that cool.
  5. Hand-painted Bookish Teacup and Saucer — I don’t really use teacups and saucers when I drink tea, but this set makes me really want to start! This would be a perfect gift for a tea-loving book nerd.
  6. “A House Without Books” Art Print — I’m in love with the font they used for this. I really want one for my house!



12 responses to “In a Book Lover’s Shopping Cart (#1)

  1. I am DYING for that light switch and rug! Those look awesome! I don’t even need to wait for my own library of a nursery for my future child. I’ll buy them NOW. Hahaha.

  2. Aww the storybook rug is so cute. You’re so right, it’d be amazing in a nursery. Like a book themed nursery – how can anything be cooler than that? And I don’t really use teacups either as I’m more of a coffee drinker but that cup and saucer is so pretty!

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