What’s the Best Way to Post Your Reviews on Goodreads? {Discussion}


Today I want to talk about the different ways you can post a review onto Goodreads. I’ve struggled with this a lot over the past few months, and want to get your advice about the “right” way to do this…or, at least the right way for me.

17 Problems

Back when I first started blogging, I never thought this would become a problem. I just posted all of my reviews on Goodreads as soon as I wrote them. And then I’d transfer them over to the blog when I was ready for them to go live (currently I’m scheduling reviews for September…so there’s quite a large amount of time between when my review goes up on Goodreads vs. when it goes up on my blog). But now that my blog is getting a little bit more popular, I’m wondering if this is really the best way to do things.

Sometimes people see in my Weekly Wrap-Ups that I’ve finished reading a certain book, they’ll ask about my thoughts! This is awesome — I love discussion…but what do I do? Share the link to my Goodreads review that’s already posted, or tell them that the review will be up on the blog in a few weeks? Usually I just share the Goodreads link, because if I’ve already written my thoughts down, I’m excited to share them, even if I end up losing that pageview. It’s not really that big of a deal!

But at the same time, I’m friends with a lot of bloggers on Goodreads. Is it annoying to them that they will read a review I’ve written on Goodreads, but then a month later have to read it again on my blog? They might not even realize they’re reading the same review until they’re halfway through it and then go “ugh, I’ve already read this on Goodreads!” or something.

It’s not like it’s a huge problem, but it is a little weird that there’s such a huge gap in between when I write a review and when it gets posted on my blog. Since I’m not going to start posting 5 reviews a week in order to fit them all in, I’ve been considering some of the ways that I’ve seen other bloggers deal with this problem:

5 Different Ways

1. Post a review on Goodreads, then post it on your blog. This is exactly what I’ve been doing. I’ll post a review on Goodreads as soon as I finish a book, and then a month or so later, it’ll go up on the blog. I’m not really happy with this option, but it does seem the simplest.

2. Post a sentence or two about your feelings, then add the review later. So, basically, I would say “Just finished this book, I loved it! Review coming later” or something. Then I’d write up the real review in WordPress, schedule the post, and then, when the post is live, I’d copy and paste it to Goodreads.

3. Post nothing, then add your review later. This is sort of like #2, except instead of posting a few sentences about my feelings, I’d just add it to a “to be reviewed” shelf and post the complete review at the same time it goes live on my blog. I know that sometimes it gets confusing for me if somebody posts two different reviews for the same book, even if one of them is short placeholder and the other one is the long “real” one. I have to sit there and look at it, wondering if I’ve already read it or not (especially since sometimes older reviews from other people do end up in my Goodreads feed sometimes). Posting one review instead of even a short sentence or two just seems like it might make everything easier and more clear.

4. Post an teaser excerpt on Goodreads, with a link to your review. I’ve seen a lot of people do this — they post a teaser to their review, and then include a link to the t0-be-posted review. This always annoys me, though. Like, I can see that you’ve already written the review, but I’m not allowed to actually read it until that specified date? Ugh. But, if I happen to stumble upon it after the link has gone live, sometimes the teaser does make me want to click on the review and read more. I want to know what that person thinks! And I honestly don’t ever mind giving that one extra second of effort in order to give them a pageview. But do other people? I also like how, if I did this, I wouldn’t have to go back and add the review at a separate time. I think that having to remember to cross-post my blog reviews to Goodreads would be such a hassle. I like not having to think about it!

5. Post a mini-review, with a link to your review. This is almost exactly the same as #4, except instead of having a “teaser” excerpt, I’d write all of my feelings about the book, just in very small amount words — enough to give somebody the basic idea of how I felt about it, but they’d have to click on the link to get the full review. I like how I wouldn’t have to go back and add a review at a different time, but I feel like if I do a mini-review instead of a teaser, it would stop people from clicking on the link altogether. Why would they want to read the whole thing when the snippet is right there? I feel like this might bum me out, too, because it takes a lot of effort to write a review…a paragraph about the pros and cons of a book doesn’t showcase my review style or give details into what I thought. They’re not really getting the “whole picture” — the picture that I put lots of time and effort into!


I also think that it’s important to mention Ashley @ NoseGraze’s point about how Goodreads is now affecting SEO. Because of how that works, she’s decided that she’s going to “post on Goodreads with an immediate reaction. I’ll post maybe a paragraph about the book and what I thought—but not my review. I’ll give quick reasons about why the book sucked or rocked. Then I’ll schedule my real review to go up on my blog.”

Personally, I’m kind of looking at this more from the perspective of generating pageviews while not annoying people at the same time…I’m not as worried about SEO. But she still has a great point, and I think that it’s worth it to take her opinion of going with Option #5 into consideration, since she has a lot of experience with this stuff.


Speaking of which…even though this is a problem that I’m struggling with now, hopefully in the near future I’ll never have to deal with it again! As I’m sure you’ve heard, Ashley is hoping to create a competitor to Goodreads called LitRate. I’ll talk more about the benefits and just sheer awesomeness of this in my post about it on Thursday, but basically…when she creates the site, she’s going to try to fix this problem by integrating a “schedule review” feature! So you should totally go donate (even $1 would help!!) to her Kickstarter campaign to help make this thing happen!

But since we still have to deal with Goodreads in the meantime…

What’s your opinion? Which option do you personally use? What’s the BEST option? Do links in a Goodreads review annoy you? Do you ever click on them? Do you ever look at/comment on somebody’s review on their blog if you’ve already seen it on Goodreads?


23 responses to “What’s the Best Way to Post Your Reviews on Goodreads? {Discussion}

  1. I usually post my review on the blog, then copy-paste it to Goodreads with a link to my blog post at the end, since I have Goodreads friends that don’t have blogs or not following my blog. I’m not also worried about SEO, although I’m kinda looking into that. Haha

    And I hope LitRate will be a success. 🙂

    • That’s definitely something that I’m considering doing…I like that I’d be able to have the full review on Goodreads, but there’d still be that little plug for my blog there at the end just in case. The only problem is having to then remember to add them to Goodreads after the review goes live on my blog…but maybe I should just suck it up and figure out a way to make that work :/

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  2. I LOVE this post! I started reading it because it was fun to see all the options laid out and what your choice was. Then I was hit with an epic LitRate reference that I totally didn’t expect! LOL!

    • Yay! I’m planning to do a more detailed LitRate promo-type post later in the week, too. I just love your idea so much…I REALLY want to help it succeed as much as I can 😀

  3. Hmm, I’ve never really thought about this before. I do exactly the opposite of you. Goodreads for me is almost an afterthought. In fact, I am probably at least five reviews behind schedule. I always post a review to my blog first, then when I remember, I post it to Goodreads. I don’t read books more than a month before they come out, so I don’t have to wait.

    • Interesting! I guess it’s because I read a lot more books than I’m able to post on my blog (I read 3-5 books a week, but only post 1-2 reviews each week)…but I want to write a review for all of them. And I always write a review right after I read the book. So because of that — and because I’m a Goodreads freak who’s on there a million times a day anyway – I’m always posting them on Goodreads first. And then I pick and choose which ones will end up on the blog. I do kind of wish that I could do it the other way around like you…but that wouldn’t really work unless I was posted a TON of reviews each week, which isn’t really how I, personally, want to have my blog set up (I prefer to have more features and discussions than actual reviews, although I know a lot of other bloggers probably post 5+ reviews a week and are totally fine with that!).

      • I love that you write so many reviews! It makes sense now when you explain it that way. I guess because I don’t write as many reviews, I just assume they will all be blog posts:-)

  4. I used to copy and paste the blog review to goodreads when it was published. Then I started to add a link to the original blog. Then slowly I stopped because I didn’t want to copy and paste the whole review and I couldn’t be bothered coming up with an entirely new review for the sake of goodreads.

    So right now I just add a star rating when I finish reading. A some point I will probably add at least something like “I reviewed this book on my blog here.” with a link.

    I don’t think there is a “right” way to do it, and whatever you feel comfortable doing is always going to work best for you.

  5. I waiver between option #2 and option #3 but that’s for my personal reviews. personally I LOVEEE seeing reviews up on Goodreads before they go live on people’s blogs (and I often still read them on the blog too to comment) because a lot of the time I’m itching to see what they thought!! I don’t really get too annoyed about links, etc… I know everyone has their own way and I’m sure people get annoyed with my way too lol.

    This is a great discussion Miranda, you boggle my mind how you think of these topics haha. I just struggled through the afternoon tryign to think of TWO for the next month lol.

    • Aww thanks so much! 🙂 I just have a running list of ideas going…like, every time I think of one, I’ll write it down. So then when it’s time to write a discussion, I can pick which one I’m most interested in talking about that week!

      Good to know that you don’t mind clicking on links or reading reviews twice! I figured that most people would be annoyed about both of those things, so thanks for the feedback!

  6. I was having this problem too. I always posted the review to my blog first but then would forget to also post it to goodreads after(or i was too lazy). I actually recently bought Ashley’s UBB add-on for review to goodreads. Hopefully this will make it easier for me to remember the goodreads review since the box will be within my draft 🙂

    • Cool! Man, I WISH I could have the UBB plug-in! For right now I’m still just doing wordpress.com, but maybe one day I’ll switch to self-hosted. It’s just kind of a big step and I’m not sure that it’s something I really want to do (or can afford!). But I will definitely make use of that feature if I ever decide to switch over (or hopefully LitRate will be up and running before then!).

      Thanks for commenting 😀

  7. I actually never thought about this. I always post my review on Goodreads as soon as I read the book, because I then mark it as finished and write my review immediately. Usually I post my review a few days later on my blog, but with reviews for blog tours it can happen the review will be posted on my blog months later. I guess there will be people who will read the review on Goodreads and then later come across it on ym blog and realize they have already read it.

    It would be nice if you could schedule reviews on Goodreads, then the can go live on the same day on your blog and on Goodreads! I am not sure what’s the best option, I like to write my review on Goodreads for some reaosn and not having to think about it later. I assume that authors prefer it if i post my whole review everywhere as it’s so important for getting people to read a book, so if I would post an excerpt or conclusion would people really go to my blog to read the whole review? I don’t really think there’s a best option, though that scheduling feature does sound like a plus point for Litrate.

  8. I’ve been too lazy to post reviews on Goodreads for a few months, but when I DID post them, I posted an abbreviated review with a link to the full review on my blog, once the review was live on my site. Two reasons for this:

    1. Google doesn’t like duplicate content, so it could hurt your blog to have the exact same review posted in multiple places.

    2. If someone can read the full review on GoodReads, why would they go to my site to read it? Posting a kind of “mini review” gives enough info that, if the reader is interested, they’ll click through to read the full review and give you a page view.

    • Thanks for the feedback! I think that I probably will end up doing something like that. I’m just still not sure if it’d end up being worth the extra effort. But I think that I like the idea of the mini review + blog link the best…I think I’ll probably play around with it and see which one works best in practice, though.

  9. Hmm this is making me totally rethink everything I currently do! I have been posting nothing on Goodreads except to mark as “read”, then posting first to my blog, then to Goodreads but with a link for full content on my blog but mostly the same review. Now, I am thinking I should just post like, a link to my blog? Why does it have to be so complicated? 😦

    • Haha I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to complicate things for you.

      I think that going with Option #2 is fine 🙂 It’s definitely one of the ones I’m considering switching to, more than some of the others. But if you’re worried about SEO, I’d definitely take Ashley’s post into consideration if you’re going to just copy and paste your review over.

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  12. Hmm I can’t say I’ve ever thought so in-depth about this. You bring up some really great points though!

    At the beginning, I would just cross-post immediately after to Goodreads. I didn’t schedule my posts then and didn’t have a review backlog either (oh, those good ole days!) so it worked out pretty well. The reviews would go up at the exact same time (give and take a minute or so) both on my blog and Goodreads but then I got lazy and never got back to cross-posting any more. I’ve lately gotten back into posting reviews on Goodreads since I have a HUGE review backlog now so it takes a while for me to get to reviewing a book after I’ve read it. So my reviews on Goodreads now are just maybe a paragraph or two on the book and my overall thoughts, not in too much detail. So then whenever I do sit down to write the review, I have something to flip back to, to know what to write about as I don’t take notes when I read. But yeah, that’s basically what I do. I don’t really think too much about promoting my blog on Goodreads and stuff like that so I don’t even include a link to my blog post in my review once it’s up. I just find that a bit too much work for me.

  13. I’ve been struggling with whether or not to change my GR reviewing way. I usually draft my review in GR, and then maybe tweak it a bit before publishing it on the blog. GR is my backup so the review is safe if my blog draft gets eaten by the internet monsters. But then there’s the issue of double posting in two places. Usually the reviews are scheduled for a future date, so like you said, the people who both follow my blog and my GR see it in both places. BUT, I have some friends who don’t really comment on my blog, but only comment on my GR, so with posting my full review, I get their interaction too. For now I’ve been doing as I’m doing but I’m still thinking about making some changes (like an excerpt and a link to the review when posted – though that requires follow up and stuff).

    • Haha that’s actually kind of funny…I draft mine on my blog and then post it on Goodreads because I’m afraid of it getting lost. I’ve just had it happen too many times where I’m in the middle of writing a review on Goodreads and something awful happens and the whole thing ends up getting deleted. It’s probably happened like 5 times, so eventually I just said “enough is enough” and started drafting them in WordPress and them copying + pasting them over to Goodreads. That’s why I’ve LOVE for LitRate to become a thing, since we’d be able to do review drafts! But unfortunately it looks like that’s not going to happen 😦

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