She Said-She Said (#1) — Mood Reading vs. Systematic Reading

She Said-She Said

Today I’m introducing a brand-new feature….She Said-She Said! After having done a whole bunch of discussion posts on this blog, I’ve realized that there are many different kinds of readers in this community. Sometimes people’s opinions about certain things were even surprising to me, because I’d just never thought of it in that way before!

So I decided to create a new feature that will be sort of like a discussion post, in that it will focus on a chat-worthy topic, but instead of just hearing my opinion about the issue at hand — there’ll be a guest on the blog to discuss it with me!

For the very first post of this feature, the topic is going to be: mood reading vs. systematic reading. And Sana from Artsy Musings of a Bibliophile is here today to talk about our different opinions on how we go about choosing what to read and when.

But First, Some Background

Type of Reader Background

Question Time

Would You Rather?

Choosing Books

Books in a Month



Change it Up



Final ThoughtsWow, this first She Said-She Said was actually really eye-opening for me! Neither Sana nor I looked at each other’s answers before answering the questions ourselves…so it’s kind of interesting to now compare what we each responded!

I thought it was interesting that, while Sana wishes that she wasn’t totally a mood reader, I don’t want to change my way of reading! But then we both answered that occasionally we like to switch it up a bit.

What about you guys? Care to answer some of these questions? Which reading style do YOU subscribe to? What do you think of my new feature?


7 responses to “She Said-She Said (#1) — Mood Reading vs. Systematic Reading

  1. Love this new feature! I used to be a very systematic reader, but earlier this year I decided to go in a totally new direction, and got away from having a TBR list, a Goodreads account etc. Now I’m a mood reader and pick out books, based on what catches my eye at the library 🙂

    • Yeah, I saw all of those posts on your blog…I found the whole thing a very interesting approach! It’s not something that I think I would ever want to do haha, but I like reading about your experiences with that system 🙂

  2. This is such a cool new feature Miranda! I used to be a mood reader but blogging has made me more of a systematic reader. I may not be initially excited about what I’m about to read but after a few chapters in I get lost in the book. Looking forward to more of this feature! 🙂

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    • Oh my god, that’s so funny and weird timing haha! And I’ve actually already been planning to do a He Said-She Said spin-off feature starting in January or February (although it’s going to be slightly different…not discussion post-style), too. We’re clearly twins! 😛

      Thanks for the link to your post, I’m going to go check it out right now 🙂

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