Weekly Wrap-Up (#43)

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Scenes from the Week:


Sometimes she’s SO CUTE that I can’t even handle it.


My family and I went to a beer brewery tour, but before we went, we got barbecue for dinner and, as you can tell, it was amaaaazing. I got pulled pork and it came with sides of cornbread, baked beans, mac and cheese, and garlic mashed potato. I don’t even think I ended up eating half of it haha.


Ellie being adorable and Ivan being….Ivan.


I took a very curly haired selfie while reading The Beginning of Everything. My review will be up in a few weeks!


Alright, now they’re BOTH adorable. I just…I can’t…it’s too much cute.


Yesterday, I got a package from Better World Books with all of these books in it! I freaking LOVE that site. Even though they put those nasty stickers on their books, the prices are just out of this world. I got all 7 of these books for only $21.95 (including shipping!!).


My friend Laura recently became a Jamberry Nails hostess, so I got a sample from her and just put it on a few days ago! So far I’m liking it…I think I need some practice on the application, but I think I’ll definitely be ordering a full set (or two…or three…) soon. If you’re interested, here’s her link for Jamberry Nails.


Ignore the fact that I’m wearing pajamas, but this morning Ellie decided to climb in bed with me and snuggle while I was using my laptop. She’s SO. FREAKING. CUTE.

Books I Finished This Week:

Books I Finished

  1. Biting Cold (Chicagoland Vampires #6) by Chloe Neill
  2. The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider
  3. Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

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9 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up (#43)

  1. Thanks for linking to my post! That BBQ food looks delicious, I just ate breakfast but now I’m hungry again 🙂 And the nail polish is great, I love dark blue nail polishes.

  2. Thanks for mentioning my blog here! Awwww omg those kitties are adorable ❤ I can't wait to read your review for The Beginning of Everything, I have that book on my Kindle but I don't know if I should read it or not.

    I'm checking out Better World Books right now! 🙂

  3. Okay, Ellie is still the cutest thing ever. And Ivan… oh Ivan. He looks perpetually pissed off actually. *scrolls down* D’awww they are so adorable together!

    Ooooh I’ve been wanting to read Wintergirls! You’ll have to tell me how it is 🙂

    Are those like nail sticker things? I love the colors, and the little stripes. I can never get mine to look like that.

    • Haha yeah he’s not always the happiest-looking kitty 😛 Although sometimes he manages to be quite the shameless cutie pie.

      Yes, they are sort of like stickers. You have to sort of trim them to your nail size, press them on, and then seal them with a hairdryer. They’re supposed to last 10-14 days!

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