To-Be-Read Bookshelf Tour of Shame, Summer 2014

TBR Tour of Shame

Back when I first started blogging, I shared this ridiculously embarrassing post that showed you guys just how many unread books I own. And now, 6 months later, it’s time to share my shame with you again. I keep thinking that maybe if I publicize just how awful I am about this, that it’ll get better…but, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be working.

Okay, let’s just get right down to the nitty-gritty….

Unread Books I Own — The Breakdown

Back in January when I did my first TBR bookshelf tour, I owned 445 unread books.

Now, in July, I own 588 unread books. Ahh! That’s horrible. How is it even possible that, in six months, I bought 143 books?! Like, what??? Even I’m shocked by this. I had no idea it was that much. Eek! And I actually thought that I was doing really well! Oh my god. I’m so ashamed haha. This is really, really bad.

In the past six months, I’ve also bought two new bookcases. And I’m about to get two more! (When I get those two new ones, I will have 7 bookcases in total)

Of those 588 unread books, 296 of them are on my Kindle.

The other 292 are physical copies.

Wow, that’s weird that it’s almost exactly equal! I actually would’ve guessed that I had a lot more Kindle ones. But maybe that’s because I’m just super in denial about how many physical books I own :/

The Bookshelves

Just for the sake of brevity — and also because my second floor, where the three “read” bookcases live, has really bad lighting — I’ll only be giving you guys a tour of my TBR bookcases. And, yes, just the fact that the term “TBR bookcases” is in my vocabulary gives me a little bit of anxiety 😛 Who am I??


TBR Bookcase #1, which is the one that I showed you guys in my first TBR shame post back in January, has been completely reorganized. And that’s because…


…I now have TBR Bookcase #2, which we bought and set up a couple months ago. I love this bookcase; it’s so pretty!

Bookshelf Tour Extraordinaire of TBR Bookcase #1

Each of my bookcases has 5 shelves, so basically I’m going to do one bookcase at a time and show you the shelves from top to bottom.


The top shelf houses my Adult Mysteries/Thrillers and, randomly, two unopened box sets that I just happen to have. I don’t really have a reason for keeping these together besides the fact that they fit together. And I’m not keeping the box sets unopened for any reason either, really…I’m just waiting until I get around to reading them (the Harry Potter illustrated box set & the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu).

This shelf also has some little knick-knacks: A little nonfiction booklet by Jane Austen, a Willow Tree reading figurine, a Burial Rights card, two goat figurines, a postcard featuring goat’s milk caramel, and a Cercei figurine.


On the next shelf, I have all of my Historical Fiction novels. As you guys probably know…I love Historical Fiction. So this is by far my most crowed shelf! The YA Historical Fiction side is double-shelved, and it’s just getting to be all sorts of ridiculousness up in here.


Now comes my Adult Literary Fiction shelf. Not to much to say about this one. It’s kinda boring.


This shelf has my unread physical ARCs and Nonfiction! With a goat shoved in the middle 🙂


The last shelf on this bookcase has my Adult “Chick Lit” books. Speaking of which — is there a better word for that? I feel like nobody ever says “Adult Contemporaries,” (do they?) which is basically what they are when you compare Adult to YA genres. I don’t know…sometimes I have trouble distinguishing between the books on my “Chick Lit” shelf and my “Literary Fiction” shelf. Like, that Jojo Moyes should probably get moved up…but clearly my Kristin Hannah books can stay. Adult lit is confusing 😛

Bookshelf Tour Extraordinaire of TBR Bookcase #2


The top shelf of my second bookcase is all YA Contemporary. For some reason, besides historical fiction, this is the genre I have the most books in…even though I constantly say that it’s not really a favorite of mine. Kind of weird! I think I’m just trying to convince myself that I really do like it or something, haha.


On the next shelf, I have a mix of Dystopians, Fantasy, and Retellings. Once I get my new shelves, I’ll probably separate these genres so they’re not all shoved together.


My third shelf has all YA Paranormal. I have quite a bit of this genre, too!


This shelf, for right now, I’m just kind of using as overflow from the other shelves — specifically with Paranormal and Contemporaries.


The bottom shelf doesn’t get a lot of use…right now it’s housing my goat books (yes, there’s such a thing), a few of Brent’s books, and my stack of unread Classics. Plus a jar full of change, haha.

So that’s it! There’s my bookshelf tour. Are you guys surprised by how many books I own? Are there too many? How many bookcases do you have?

22 responses to “To-Be-Read Bookshelf Tour of Shame, Summer 2014

  1. Don’t feel bad, I have more unread books than you do, although I’m not going to count them because that would be a huge project! Bloggers are always feeling bad about how many unread books we have on our shelves, and I say it’s time to stop feeling bad:-)

    • Wow, at least somebody has more than me haha. I didn’t really count them, though (that would’ve been impressive)…I just have them all on Goodreads in a specific shelf.

  2. Holy crap that’s a lot of unread shelf books! And I thought I had a lot haha. I’m actually trying to crack down on my unread books because I have way too many for my liking. Before blogging, I’d always read a book as soon as I got it, but as soon as I started blogging, the TBR just exploded and unsolicited review copies and D: D: TOO MANY UNREAD BOOKS. I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of though! It’s kind of a prerequisite for a book blogger, let’s be honest haha

    By the way, random genre points: Rebel Belle is a paranormal fantasy (set in present day), The 5th Wave is post-apocalyptic/scifi, Incarnate is a fantasy dystopian, For Darkness Shows the Stars is a dystopian and Vicious is technically an adult book 😛

    • Ummmmm yeahhhhhh I might have a FEW unread books :/ Whoops.

      lol HOW DARE YOU correct my shelving choices?! 😛 But thank you haha…now I really want to be at home so I can immediately fix this. I actually knew the right ones about The 5th Wave and Vicious, I just for some reason have them in the wrong place. I think because I don’t have a Sci-Fi shelf and also because I don’t really have a place for Adult books that aren’t either Contemporary or Historical Fiction. But I will definitely be adjusting the other ones appropriately!

  3. I only have three bookshelves but I have piles and piles of books that are just around. I’ve never counted how many TBR books I have but I wouldn’t be surprised if the number is quite high. I just can’t bring myself to stop getting new books though. I want to believe that I’ll get to them all at some point but probably not as long as I keep getting as many new books as I do. I probably should join Goodreads so I can keep track of them. I forget about some after awhile. Especially since most of the new ones are in piles so they aren’t as readily seen.

  4. LEGEND! Oh my god I still cry over Day and June because their ending was so perfect ❤ Champion ripped my heart out but it was probably one of the best series endings I've read.

    Don't fight the contemporary Miranda 😉 Join me in the dark side!!! No one says that you have to completely abandon fantasy… just toe the line a wee bit! Especially when you have Amy & Roger and my Life Next Door on there ❤

    Oh my god you DO have Anna! You should totally join the reading next week 😀 JOIN THE FLAILING

    • I knowwwww. I’ve been doing good! I read like 5 contemporaries this month. That’s, like, a record. But fantasy is not my normal thing haha, that’s YOU 😛 I’ve only read like 10 fantasy books in my whole life (and 5 of them were A Song of Ice and Fire). I tend to do more adult fiction, paranormal, and historical fiction.

      I’m thinking about it!! I just don’t know if I want to get myself all caught up in another new series right now. And I’m also really behind on ARCs. But MAYBE. 😉

  5. Whoa, that’s a lot of books. I have a ton that I own that I haven’t read either. But I don’t buy that many books. Well, that’s not true. I definitely buy books. But the majority of my books come from the library. I’m really bad about borrowing books from the library,and then returning them unread in a few weeks.

  6. I love that you post these Miranda 🙂 I feel bad on a consistent basis because I have a huge problem with obtaining and not reading lol. I just recently moved and am working on my ‘book room’ so the realization of just how many is shocking … this makes me feel better 🙂 I don’t think the amount is shocking, I think you have a lot of great choices lol.

    • Haha thank you! 🙂 I’m glad that some people don’t think it’s too outrageous! I still think that I definitely need to cut down, though. If only just because I’m going to run out of space very soon haha

  7. I love your little goats and goat books (I did not know there was such a thing). But seeing all these unread shelves/bookcases makes me feel super envious of you and then super anxious for you. I only have a few unread books at home and a pile of unread library books, and they already make me feel guilty enough. I can’t imagine staring at bookcases full of unread books.

    • Hahaha I’m super anxious for myself, too 😛 When will I ever be able to read all these books?? But I’ve actually been working on it slowly and surely…and have been doing okaaaay with buying new ones. One of my 2014 reading resolutions was to read 5 books each month that I already own, and I’ve made that goal every month so far!

      I don’t normally get guilty just looking at the shelves, though…mostly I just think all the books look pretty and it makes me want to read them all! haha 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

  8. Whoa, that is a LOT of books! I felt bad because I had 40 lol. (Thanks to your post, I will no longer feel that way 😉 ) I do have a ton on my Kindle though (probably around 100)- mostly Amazon freebies, though some purchases.

    As for bookshelves, I just have the one lonely one. It isn’t even close to full either. Not even halfway, now that I’m looking at it. I wish I had more books, but sadly, I’m broke lol. Good luck reading them all!

    • 140 isn’t anything to sneeze at! haha. That’s a decent amount of books 🙂

      I’m pretty good about buying stuff for my Kindle. I used to be really bad about it when I first got it, but for the past 6 months or so, I’ve been sticking to a rule that I’ll only buy books for it that I (a) know I can’t get at the library, and (b) are less than $2.00. I definitely don’t spend a lot on the physical books I buy, either. Like, I know that I have A LOT of books, but I don’t think I’ve spent an insane amount of money on them. Especially because I rarely buy new books — most of the ones I get are from my local used book store for a couple bucks, from my library’s book sale for $1, or from really cheap sales online from sites like or Better World Books (I try not to spend more than $3-$4 book when I purchase online).

      Thanks for commenting!

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  10. I have a total of about 20 unread books on my bookshelf. I have much more on my kindle (I won’t even bother to count), but I think you definitely have me beat. I’m a huge library junkie, so I only buy physical copies of my favorites, the rest are gifts. Plus, I live in a teeny apartment and I wouldn’t have any room to keep a bunch of books. 😦 Awesome post! 🙂

    • Having room for all of those bookshelves is both a gift and a curse haha. As you can see, things are slightly out of control 😛 But I’ve been REALLY good lately and barely bought any new books at all…I’m very proud of myself 🙂

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