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I’m still trying to come up with the words to express how I feel about this book. All I can think of is just…amazing. After two kick-ass previous books in the series, Bardugo does it again with this spectacular finale.

I’m just in awe of her sheer talent. Her writing is so flowing and gorgeous. I marked down tons of passages in this book that I know I’m going to want to revisit one day. I literally just finished re-reading the series and I already want to do it again. That’s how good these books are.

To be honest, I’m still having trouble coming up with a rating for this book. On one hand, it was so good, but I have two tiny issues that make me hesitant to go ahead and slap on the 5 stars like I really kind of want to.

One problem I had was that I found it a little slow at the start. Even though I’d just finished Siege and Storm, I found it hard to immerse myself completely in Ruin and Rising. It took until about the 200-page mark before I was really into it. Nothing was particularly wrong with the first half of the book…I just wasn’t wildly ripping through the pages like I was with the first two books. But maybe it was just me?

The second problem I had with it is that, for some reason, I had a lot of trouble picturing some of the scenes — specifically the battle scenes. The last big one was clear in my mind, but there was one or two scenes that took place on some kind of ship (I think it was a ship? Or an aircraft? Possibly a spaceship? Not quite sure!) and I was having a big issue with following the action and coming up with clear visions of the scenes in my mind. I kept having to flip back a few pages and re-read parts to try and get a grasp on what exactly was going on, but even after doing that, I still felt like I wasn’t envisioning it as Bardugo intended and, because of this, had a lot of trouble connecting with those parts of the text. It’s hard to really lose yourself in a book when you’re confused about what’s going on.

But the rest of the book was so incredible that I seriously couldn’t justify rating it any lower than 4.5 stars. Just amazing. I was very curious to see how it would all turn out and it all ended up perfectly. It’s actually kind of strange…the first time I read Shadow and Bone and Siege and Storm, I was shipping Alina and The Darkling. But then, on my re-read, I realized that I was actually totally Team Mal! Clearly Sturmhond is just…the best freaking character ever and I would totally have his babies, but I never really saw him with Alina. So because of my sort of mixed opinions about the love interests of this series, I was dying to know who would finally win Alina’s heart.

Well…I loved it 🙂 I didn’t really have any expectations for how I thought everything was going to go down…but it was all so surprising and awesome. I couldn’t have been more happy with how it was wrapped up. Bardugo did a perfect job.

My Rating

4.5 Ships


7 responses to “Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo {Book Review}

  1. All of this! I had a hard time with the first half too – I read it, and loved it, but I took my sweet time. Second half? If anyone came within five feet of me – DEAD.

    Oh Sturmhond… *swoon*

  2. I loved this book! I was more confused about some of the fight scenes because I was reading so fast! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it too and also that you didn’t see Sturmhond with Alina – I sometimes felt like they would have made such a great pair, but really Sturmhond deserves someone who would really love him back. (like me LOL) The last half was awesome too, and I was really impressed by how satisfying the ending was! Great review!

  3. ALL OF THIS. I loved Ruin and Rising so, so much, and I felt it was a good, solid ending to the trilogy. I especially enjoyed the epilogue! I agree with you — it was hard imagining the fortress on the mountain, but I often thought of it as a compass rose, since she described 4 points. That helped me a little bit. I think it would have been easier if I’d seen a drawing laid out, but I sort of made it up on my own. 😛

    I loved Sturmhond in this book, even though we didn’t get as much of him. At times I wanted him and Alina to get together and totally rule, but I do think Mal was always endgame for Alina because that was whom she truly loved. I was really sad about the Darkling, tbh, especially when he said all of those things to Alina. I felt he just wanted to save his country, and he just went about it all wrong.

    Ugh, this book. Now I want to re-read it. I did find it a bit slow in the beginning, but it was a page-turner for me nonetheless. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 🙂

    • I agree, there were definitely times where I was like OMG Alina and Sturmhond should totally just marry each other and be the most awesome King and Queen EVER! But ultimately I thought the ending was perfect and I wouldn’t have changed a thing ❤

      I'm not sure if I was sad about the Darkling. I definitely felt for him in the first book, and maybe even the second…but as time went on I started to kind of hate him. I still liked him as a character, but it was hard for me to sympathize and like him as a PERSON.

      It was definitely a page-turner for me, too, once I got past the halfway mark. I love this series so much!! I want to re-read it, too haha 🙂

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