Bookish Beauty (#4): Strange and Ever After

Bookish BeautyBookish Beauty is a feature I came up with that combines my love for all things makeup, beauty, and hair related with my other passion of books! Each Bookish Beauty post will take a popular book and create “looks” featuring hair, makeup, and accessories that go along with the cover/plot/details in the story.

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Today’s Bookish Beauty is based on the upcoming final installation of the Something Strange and Deadly series by Susan Dennard — Strange and Ever After. I ended up winning an ARC of the book from Alexa and, while reading it, realized that it would be a perfect book to showcase with this feature!



Strange Ever After Hair.jpg

  1. LOVE THIS. This is exactly what I picture, makeup included, when I think about Eleanor’s character in Strange and Ever After. I couldn’t have come up with a better look myself. The gorgeous Belle Époque up-do and the dark jewel-toned makeup…just amazing.
  2. This is a more modern version of a blonde up-do that I think is really pretty. I was trying to find hairstyles that sort of matched the one that Eleanor has on the book’s cover, and while this one is a little different and is for curly hair, it still works.
  3. This one is the closest thing I could find to Eleanor’s cover model’s up-do, and I think it’s very cute.
  4. I like how this last one is reminiscent of the first book in that it’s much more of an early-2oth century American hair-do than a Belle Époque one, but I really love this look, especially for blonde hair.


Strange Ever After Makeup

  1. I love this first look. It’s probably not something that I’d personally actually wear, but I really like the gold and blue cat eye and I think it looks hot paired with some super dark lipstick and those Egyptian-y nails that match the eye shadow colors.
  2. This next look is really fun. I don’t think that it fits Eleanor’s character that well, but I love the Egyptian-inspired eyes and the summer-y coral lipstick. I chose nude nails for this one, since the eyes and lips are so bright, but I actually really love that shade of nude.
  3. Look #3 would be perfect for a girls night out. That eye makeup is intense, but paired with the toned-down lips and nails, it’s definitely a sexy look.
  4. The last one is another fun one, but it’s a little bit more Eleanor’s style I think. With crazy Egyptian eyes, matte pink lipstick, and adorable cucumber nails, this is a cute idea for a Strange and Ever After-inspired summer day.


Strange Ever After Jewelry

Oh my god. All of these pieces are absolutely gorgeous. I loved them all so much that I couldn’t pick just four, so here’s eight awesome examples of steampunk jewelry that fits perfectly with this novel. There’s too many to talk in detail about all of them, so I’ll go over them quickly.

The spyglass necklace was the first thing that popped into mind to include here while reading the book. Daniel has a spyglass that he has with him throughout the novel, and I thought a necklace featuring one would be adorable and something Eleanor would definitely wear. I also picked out a couple of hot air balloon-inspired pieces, since that’s how the characters travel from place to place. And there’s also a really cool gear-inspired ring and ear cuff. I want them all so badly!


7 responses to “Bookish Beauty (#4): Strange and Ever After

  1. I love ALL those pieces of jewelry! I want to go find them and buy them right now, especially the spyglass necklace:-) Awesome post, I really look forward to your Bookish Beauty ideas!

  2. Ooooohh I love #4 in the hair. Makes me wish I still had some so my sister could make it look like that 😛 And holy crap #1 makeup looks FAAAABB. I so need to do that one day, if just for an hour to take pictures! *grabby hands* I need AAAAALLLLL the jewelry! Especially the top right one!

    • I know, right? I love that dark lipstick, it’s gorgeousssss. But definitely not something I’d be brave enough to wear out in public 😛

      I really like that necklace, too. There were a few balloon necklaces, but I really liked that one because of the bird. Such a cute extra detail!

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