My Most-Owned Authors on My Auto-Buy List

Top 10 Auto-Buy Authors

Thanks, Kayla, for tagging me! This was actually kind of fun, figuring out which authors I own the most books from (although some didn’t make the list because I didn’t think they technically counted as “auto-buy” for me).

Lauren DeStefano

loved the Chemical Garden series, and I’m super excited to start reading her Internment Chronicles, too, once they’ve all been published.

Tahereh Mafi

One of my most favorite series EVER. I own all of the books, with Destroy Me and Fracture Me as ebooks (I don’t have the Unite Me paperback). My copy of Shatter Me is the old cover, though, so I really want to get the new fancy version so that it all matches just like the picture (the new cover does come in hardback, right?).

George R.R. Martin

To be fair, that last one is actually Brent’s…but I’ll probably end up reading it one day. We’re both obsessed with the A Song of Ice and Fire trilogy. I’ve even already preordered the book he’s got coming out in October! And we’re dying for The Winds of Winter, which we will definitely be preordering as well.

Katie McGarry

I own the five books pictured, plus a to-come copy of Breaking the Rules, which I’ve already preordered 🙂 Not sure if that counts for 6 books, but I’m just gonna say it does. Even though I didn’t like Pushing the Limits that much and Take Me On wasn’t my favorite, she’s still definitely an auto-buy author for me because of how amazing Dare You To and Crash Into You are.

Lauren Oliver

Although I haven’t read all the books I own by her, I really enjoyed Oliver’s Delirium trilogy and am excited to read more from here. I’ve heard awesome things about Before I Fall and I got a signed hardcover of Panic at BEA!

Lisa Gardner

At least when it comes to her Detective D.D. Warren series, Lisa Gardner is totally an auto-buy author for me. She has a lot of other books that I haven’t checked out yet, but I own every single book in this series. Most of them are audiobooks, but a few I have in paperback, too. I love thrillers, but it’s hard for me to find authors who write plot twists and intriguing characters that genuinely surprise me. Gardner is one of the few who can do that, so I’ve really grown attached to her books.

Nick Hornby

Before I started to get really into YA a few years ago, Nick Hornby was my favorite author. It’s been a while since he’s put out a new book, but I just love his writing. And A Long Way Down is being turned into a movie and will be out later this year! His books will always be really special to me, and I own almost everything he’s written.

Philippa Gregory

Philippa Gregory is my most favorite historical fiction author. It all started when I first read her book The Other Boleyn Girl, and then it just snowballed from there. I’ve read a ton of her books, and I plan to eventually read all of them if I can.

David Levithan

I only showed 8 here because 9 isn’t an even number, but I do own 9 of David Levithan’s books! It’s kind of weird how this sort-of collection happened because I wouldn’t even necessarily consider him a favorite author of mine…I just always end up buying his books anyway. Even if I don’t always love them, they’re always different, and his writing style is very unique.

Jodi Picoult

Alright, so this is slightly embarrassing…. I may possibly own 24 Jodi Picoult books. As in — everything she’s ever written. Back in junior high, I became obsessed with her and started buying all of her books, and now I just kind of have a whole collection! And I still love her work. The Storyteller is one of my most favorite books ever, and I’ve even already preordered her upcoming Fall 2014 release, Leaving Time.

Orange Separator

Phew! That was a lot of books. I was actually surprised by how many auto-buy authors I really do have. And how many books I own by them! So, now I’m going to tag: Lesley (Books and Beautiful World), Cynthia (Jellyfish Reads), and Annie (The Runaway Reader).


3 responses to “My Most-Owned Authors on My Auto-Buy List

  1. The new cover for Shatter Me doesn’t come in hardback 😦 That’s probably my biggest disappointment in my entire reading life xD

    I’ve actually never read a David Levithan book. I think I need to change that – which one should I start with?

    I haven’t read THAT many of Picoult’s books, but I loved The Tenth Circle, My Sister’s Keeper, and Handle With Care. I cried so hard in all of them – especially Handle with Care.

    • OH MY GOD NO. That makes me so upset. WHY????????

      You’ve NEVER read a David Levithan book?? Go read Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist RIGHT NOW. And then watch the movie because that’s good, too.

      The Tenth Circle is my favorite Jodi Picoult book. I really need to re-read it one day.

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