Must-Haves (#2): Books, TV Shows, Music & Recipes

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New TBR Books

The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez (Adult Contemporary Romance)

Beauty of the Broken by Tawni Waters (YA LGBT)

Wife Number Seven by Melissa Brown (New Adult Contemporary Romance)

Madly, Deeply by Erica Crouch (New Adult Paranormal)

The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley by Shaun Hutchinson (YA LGBT)

The Honest Truth by Dan Gemeinhart (MG Contemporary Mental Health)

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir (YA Fantasy)

First, There Was Forever by Juliana Romano (YA Contemporary)

With This Heart by R.S. Grey (New Adult Contemporary Romance)

Because of Her by K.E. Payne (YA Contemporary LGBT Romance)

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford (Adult Historical Fiction Romance)

The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand (YA Contemporary)

Not Pictured:

Gracefully Grayson by Ami Polonsky (YA/MG Contemporary LGBT)

Alive by Chandler Baker (YA Contemporary)

Scripted by Maya Rock (YA Contemporary)

The Edge of Forever by Melissa Hurst (YA Science Fiction)

Untitled (The Field Party #1) by Abbi Glines (YA Contemporary Romance)

Untitled by Jason Reynolds (YA Contemporary)

Conspiracy Girl by Sarah Alderson (New Adult Contemporary Romance Thriller)

The Sin Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Salisbury (YA Fantasy)

Burying Water by K.A. Tucker (New Adult Contemporary)

Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone (YA Contemporary)

The Creeping by Alexandra Sirowy (YA Fantasy)


TV Shows

Oh my god. I am SO EXCITED about all of these shows, you guys.

Billboards for The Last Ship were all over NYC when I was there last weekend, so I definitely had to check out what it was all about when I got home, and man that trailer totally reeled me in.

And then — *FLAILS* — Girl Meets World is happening!! I’ve known about this show for a long time now, but it’s finally going to be airing!! I hope it doesn’t disappoint because I couldn’t be more excited.

And, seriously…Finding Carter? I’m hooked already and I’ve only seen the trailer. I’m a sucker for dramas like that, so I know it’ll probably be a new favorite of mine.



Iggy Azalea. If you haven’t heard of this breakout hip hop star by now, then you’ve been living under a rock! Her most famous songs are obviously Fancy and Problem, her duet with Ariana Grande, but have you listened to her album? I did last week and I have to say that it’s pretty good! The songs I’m currently loving are: Change Your Life, New Bitch, and Work.

Scarecrow by Alex & Sierra. I’ve been obsessed with this hipster duo since their very first audition on The X Factor, and I’m so happy that they are finally starting to release their own music! This is their first single and I love it. (Spotify link)

Chandelier by Sia. I’m not a huge fan of hers, but I’m really into this song lately. (Spotify)

 Sirens by Cher Lloyd. My current favorite song! I can’t get enough of this one. (Spotify)


Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 5.49.20 PM

 Ermahgerd Berks! I’ve been a follower of them on YouTube for a while but only just now realized that they had a blog as well! I love their design!



Pulled Pork, Mango & Jalapeño Pizza 


One-Pan Veggie Fajita Pasta


Pork Belly Pimento Cheese Burger


One-Pot Zucchini Mushroom Pasta

6 responses to “Must-Haves (#2): Books, TV Shows, Music & Recipes

  1. That mushroom pasta is making me hungry, but it’s breakfast time!! What’s wrong with me??

  2. Oh, The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley looks interesting. (and the blurb says it’s “A partly graphic novel”!). And Gracefully Grayson!!! I’m really excited about that book 🙂

    • Yeah, I was intrigued by that, too! I’m not a huge fan of graphic novels in general, but I like regular novels that have a little bit of illustration, so I hope it’s like that 🙂

  3. I can’t wait for Finding Carter! I saw a trailer for it in the movie theater and immediately went home to watch it again on youtube. I’m a sucker for stuff like that; I just hope it’s not like DRAMADRAMADRAMA and there’s a good storyline to it.

    Thanks, by the way. I’m very hungry now 😉

  4. Iggy Azalea is the new go-to whenever I need to bring up my energy. I love a lot of her more recent stuff, I think it’s a lot better than what she did in the Glory era but I do really love My World! I think it’s one of her best, honestly. And when I first heard Chandelier, I totally wasn’t into it at all but now it’s really starting to grow on me!

    And oy, too many food pictures! I seriously just had dinner but now I want to eat all over again! 🙂

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