June Wrap-Up (New Format!) & July TBR

June Wrap-Up & July TBR

New Format Explanation

I’ve been thinking about revamping my wrap-up and TBR posts for a while now, so I finally decided to do something about it. I want to try to keep my blog on a (mostly) Monday-Friday posting schedule, but I’ve noticed that recently I’ve been having so many posts that it’s been overflowing into the weekends. So, because of that, I’m going to be kind of rolling up my Monthly Wrap-Ups, Monthly TBRs, and Monthly Favorites posts into one big wrap-up/TBR thing.

You may have noticed that I recently debuted a new feature called Must-Haves. It’s similar to my old Favorites feature, but it focuses more on new-to-me things that I want to share with you guys. But I still want to keep around some favorites to share with you guys, and I think that putting a few in my Monthly Wrap-Up/TBR post is the way to go.

So, just to be clear: Must-Haves is a round-up of cool new things I’ve found that could be books, movies, makeup, recipes, blogs, etc. And then, once a month, I’ll post a Wrap-Up & TBR post that will include: monthly favorites (books, movies, etc.), books I’ve read that month & stats, and TBR for the next month.


June 2014 Favorites

  1. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in “Sheer Ecstacy” — No matter how much it bothers me that they spelled Ecstacy wrong when naming this nail polish, I love the color. It’s the perfect very light pink-nude for my skin color.
  2. Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo — Obviiiiiously! I ended up doing a spontaneous re-read of the first two books in the series this month and then went right into Ruin and Rising! Amazing. Need I say more?
  3. Beach Walk by Yankee Candle — I am not-so-secretly obsessed with Yankee Candle. Like, can I just live there? Beach Walk is my most recent favorite scent and I can’t get enough of it.
  4. Merona Polka-Dot Hinge Wallet — I’d been looking for a cute clutch that was basically a big wallet except with room for my iPhone, and this is the perfect size! It’s small enough to hold in your hand/under your shoulder, but just big enough to house cash, credit cards, a phone, some chapstick, and even a key or two. The pattern is kind of summer-y, but it’s still my go-to clutch for going out to the bar or someplace else where I don’t want to be lugging a huge purse. Great to throw in a beach bag, too!
  5. House & The Bachelorette — Recently, Brent and I randomly decided to re-watch House from the very beginning (now that Mad Men and Game of Thrones are over). There’s a lot of episodes that I missed over the years, so it’s nice to catch up. I’ve also been watching The Bachelorette! So far I like this season a lot more than Des’ season and I’m rooting for J.J.!
  6. Denim Shorts from DEB — I love these shorts. I’d been looking for a good pair that was comfortable, denim, the right length, and just generally flattering, and these are definitely all of the above! And, I promise you, they look a lot better on me than they do on that girl (WTF is that shirt?).
  7. Brave — I finally just watched Brave for the first time this month! And it was so good. I can’t get over Merida’s hair! It’s gorgeous and everything I want my curly hair to be, but isn’t.
  8. Orbit Apple Remix gum — I’m a sucker for anything apple, so I had to pick this up when I found it in the check-out line. Loveee it.


Books Read This Month

Books Read in June

Reading Stats

June Reading Stats

Next Month's TBR

July 2014 TBR


11 responses to “June Wrap-Up (New Format!) & July TBR

    • Ooh I just smelled Sugared Apple last week and it was sooo yummy! I bought a small one of it on sale 🙂 Right now at home I’ve got Christmas Cookie (I so don’t care that it’s not Christmas haha) and Pink Sands that I’ve been burning. I didn’t know they had a Pink Dragonfruit one! That sounds delicious!

  1. Shorts are the bane of my existence! I’ve ended up just folding the cuffs of my jeans and wearing capris (apparently stores don’t sell those anymore??). But I’m glad you found a pair that works for you!

    Ohhh the July TBR is fabulous ❤ You know how I feel about The Beginning of Everything, Open Road Summer, and Since You've Been Gone 😉 We Were Liars was really good as well! The ending left me like O_O

    • Ugh it’s way too humid to wear capris here. Everything is dripping with water right now, it’s disgusting. Like, seriously…the clean clothes in my closet are DAMP to the touch. And you touch the kitchen counters and there’s like a slick of water on them. GROSSSS. So, yeah, shorts all the way 😛 But I agree that finding good ones is SO HARD. This is my most favorite pair of shorts that I’ve had in years.

      Yeah I guess the whole “cropped” jean thing is in style now?? Like….half-capri, half-normal jeans? But I think I’d just go with the whole “rolling them up” thing. That’s what I do when I want capris 😉

      I’m super excited about all the contemporary reads in July 😀 I hope I’m going to like them. I preordered We Were Liars and have been really looking forward to reading it, and I’m only JUST getting around to it now. I feel like my reading schedule has been out of control lately.

  2. You had a great month for reading! I’ll have to check out that nail polish, I’m looking for something simple right now and I really like that color 🙂

  3. I don’t think we have Orbit gum in Canada which sucks because I’m always looking for new gum to try and I love apple as well! Especially if it’s green apple!

    Have a good July and good luck with your TBR! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear what you think of Since You’ve Been Gone, I really liked it!

    • Really??? Hmm that’s weird. I’m so sorry, haha!

      I’m SO excited about Since You’ve Been Gone. I’m not a huge contemporary person, but since it’s the summer I figured why not try to get more into it? And I’ve heard such good things about it from other bloggers.

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