Weekly Wrap-Up (#39)

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What’s Happening With Me This Week:

This past weekend, I went to NYC with my mom, her girlfriend, and her girlfriend’s daughter. It was so much fun! I was basically just there for BEA, but it was still fun getting to go back, because we didn’t get to really do anything besides the conference while we were there a few weeks ago.

NYC Collage


And then later in the week, I had my six-month post-op appointment for the surgeries I had back in November and December for my Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. Basically they said that I have to keep being patient, and even though it doesn’t seem like I’ve progressed very much over the past six months, that it will (hopefully) slowly start to get better and better. I have two more post-ops this year, and then in November we’ll see if I’m all better or if I’ll have to have more surgeries.

And then Ellie got spayed! We had a very busy week!

And, of course, here’s the gratuitous kitten pictures that I know are the only reasons you all come here 😉



Books I Finished This Week:

Books I Finished

  1. The Fiery Heart (Bloodlines #4) by Richelle Mead
  2. Shadow and Bone (Grisha #1) by Leigh Bardugo (re-read)
  3. Landline by Rainbow Rowell


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6 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up (#39)

    • Everybody always says that! haha. Once I even got mistaken for her by somebody at her work who didn’t know her very well. It was hilarious. I’m like, “Ummm no….I’m 16”

      ISN’T SHE?! I wish she liked to cuddle more, but I’m okay at least getting to admire her cuteness from afar.

  1. You know, I don’t really love cats (as in I would never want one) but those pics ARE pretty cute. Haha. And wow, it really does sound like you had a busy week! Hopefully when November comes around you’ll be better and won’t need more surgeries. Those can’t be fun!

    Thank you, of course, for linking up to our latest Bookish Guide! And I like that you add giveaways to these posts. We’re too lazy to do to ours (plus ours is already cram packed full of links!) but I think it’s a nice thing to do for followers since who doesn’t love free books?! 🙂

    • I think that my kitten could turn ANYBODY into a cat person 😉 She’s just way too adorable.

      Glad you like the giveaways! It’s something I just started doing a couple weeks ago and I’m not sure if people will actually use it…but it’s something that I haven’t really seen other bloggers do in their weekly link posts, so I figured that I’d try it out and see if people like it 🙂

      I think that you including so many links in your Weekly Recaps is AWESOME (plus, I always get a ton of views on Sunday because of you guys haha), but personally I don’t take advantage of them that often (sorry!) because I wish that you guys said the blog name instead of the blogger’s actual name (or did both). Maybe it’s just me (let’s face it, I can be kind of weird), but sometimes I have trouble with that because I don’t always remember a blogger’s name. So I’ll click on a bunch of links and then it’ll be like….oh, I’ve already read most of these, I just didn’t realize it because I didn’t know their name. But I feel like maybe this is just my personal issue because clearly your Recaps are wicked popular.

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