I’m Going to YA Prom!


The YA Prom is an online event taking place tonight — June 25th, 2014 — at 8:30pm EST, hosted by Alexa Loves Books and Queen Ella Bee Reads!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you guys what I’ll be wearing and who’s going to be my date!

To do that, I’ve decided to do a little mini Bookish Beauty and base my YA Prom look on the Born of Illusion series by Teri Brown!

Born of Illusion Collage

Born of Illusion Summary

The Dress!


Clearly the most important of any prom is…the dress! And, wow, just look at what I’ll be wearing tonight! Isn’t this just the bee’s knees? Check out these glad rags!

Even though the color is fairly understated, I love the deep v-neck, the beadwork, and that gorgeous hemline. It’s clearly inspired by the 20s, but it’s certainly modern enough to make me look absolutely fabulous! Or should I say ritzy?

The Hair!


I don’t think that I can even express how much I love this spiffy hairstyle. Complete with the headband and everything, this is exactly what I’d want to pair with my swanky dress.

The Makeup!

skin reouthcing- cut the peacokc pendant out of the image 23308

This look is perfect. Since the dress is muted, I definitely feel okay going a little overboard on the 20s-inspired hair and makeup. These over-emphasized brows, super dark smokey eyes, and maroon lipstick with just a hint of rogue would be swell companions to my glam 20s hairstyle and retro flapper dress.

And Last But Not Least…The Date!


Girls rule, boys drool! Since girls are kind of my thing and I’m not a huge fan of any of the love interests in the series, I’m taking Cynthia — Anna’s best friend — to the prom! Getting ready together, partying in the limo, and then definitely convincing me to help her spike the punch, this tomato would absolutely be the perfect prom date!

What do you think of my choices? See you at prom!!!


6 responses to “I’m Going to YA Prom!

  1. Ooh, this is such of a fun post! I don’t really see myself at any sort of prom with a date (I much prefer the fantasy of being in a group with all my friends, or favorite fictional girl characters in this case), so I can’t comment on which book/character I would go on a prom date with…

    But on what kind of dress I would wear? I’d probably just wear something simple, like a black-and-white checkered dress that goes down to my shins a.k.a. the dress I rocked at a party I went to recently. I don’t know, but while I love looking at beautiful and complex dresses, I prefer to wear more simple ones…

    Also, I would curl my hair and put on light makeup, probably just foundation, lipstick, and some mascara. And the shoes… Sooo not wearing heels (my feet don’t agree with them). Flats will be the best choice for me.

    Wow, this fictional prom thing got me thinking quite a bit…

    P.S. I have a girl crush on Cynthia. She looks gorgeous T_T Oh, and the many words you italicized made my head read this post in this extremely obnoxious accent that put tons of emphasis on words. It was hilarious. THANK YOU FOR THAT!

  2. Daughter of Harry Houdini? What fun! And OMG that dress. That dress! Sorry, one more time, that DREEEESSSSSSS

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