Life of a Blogger: January 2014 Catch-Up

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Non-Bookish Hobbies 2


I actually have a blog series that I’m using to answer this question, called “When I’m Not Blogging or Reading, I’m…” So far there’s only been one post — about my love for makeup — but I’ll hopefully getting around to posting some more soon 🙂 Other non-bookish hobbies of mine include cooking, hanging out with my cats and guinea pigs, playing video games, watching TV/movies, etc. I don’t really have anything “cool” or different that I’m into, but I am pretty into the whole cooking thing.



I’m not really a “car person,” but I’ve driven three different cars since I got my license when I was 16. First, I drove my Dad’s old black Saab hatchback, which was a complete mess. It didn’t even have air conditioning and the radio didn’t work. Ugh!

Then, my mom got a new car so I got her old one…a tan ’98 Volvo sedan that I loved. Sadly, it got too expensive to keep running, so we had to sell it.

But then I got the car that I drive now! A tan ’98 Toyota Camry. I don’t love it, but it gets me where I need to go and doesn’t break too often.


Eventually I hope to get something a little bigger, more modern, and hopefully prettier. My absolute dream car is a Lexus SUV, but clearly that’s not going to happen anytime soon…so maybe I’ll go with a Subaru or a Ford when I decide to upgrade. I’m thinking about a hybrid.

Craziest 2

Hmm this is a really hard one. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything that crazy. I’ve never been on any roller coasters or kissed a stranger or bungee jumped. This question is making me feel so boring and old! Ooh I swam with sharks once…I guess that counts? Let’s say that counts.

Celebrity Crushes

Ooh, I love this one!! Since I’m pretty much only attracted to girls, this is going to be an all-girls list. UGH how am I going to narrow this down?? I guess I’ll have to do Top 4, because otherwise the list could get really long haha.

Celebrity Crushes pics

  1. Rachel McAdams. I have been in love with Rachel McAdams for like 10 freaking years. I can’t get over her. I have seen every movie she’s ever been in and — oh my god — I just can’t. She’s freaking gorgeous and amazing. Marry me now, please.
  2. Allison Brie. Holy…fuck…this girl is my type. I can’t…words…ahh…she’s so hot.
  3. Jennifer Lawrence. Um, duh. Is there anything I really need to explain here?
  4. Emma Watson. Oh, yes, please. Just…you can do anything you want to me. I love you.

Genres of Music

I listen to a little bit of everything…but my favorites are: pop, hip hop/rap, country, and then more vocal stuff like Christina Perri, Adele, etc. (not sure if that’s really a genre? I don’t know what to call it. Kind of “soul”-y stuff I guess.).

Music Genres


2 responses to “Life of a Blogger: January 2014 Catch-Up

  1. Okay I have no idea who Allison Brie is, but a big YES to the other three. I’d have to add Emma Stone to this list though – as a redhead, not blonde.

    Would you freak out if I said I’d never listened to Lourde, even that Royals song? *hides* I like Christina Perri though!

    • It’s not really a very good picture of how she normally looks — she plays Trudy in Mad Men and she’s also in Community. Ooh Emma Stone is a good one! I’m not CRAZY about her, but she’s definitely on my list somewhere 🙂 (definitely as a redhead)

      Haha no it’s totally okay! I’m not a really big fan of hers, she was just the first pop artist I thought of. Although I like her use of choral arrangements in her songs, it’s very cool. But HOW in the world have you gone through life without ever having heard Royals…even by accident?? That doesn’t seem possible 😛 Also, one of her songs is on the Catching Fire movie soundtrack. I’m surprised you haven’t listened to that! But, yes, Christina Perri is a goddess. I love her music so much.

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