Bookish Beauty (#2): The Summer I Wasn’t Me

Bookish Beauty

Bookish Beauty is a feature I came up with that combines my love for all things makeup, beauty, and hair related with my other passion of books! Each Bookish Beauty post will take a popular book and create “looks” featuring hair, makeup, and accessories that go along with the cover/plot/details in the story.

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This Bookish Beauty is going to be based on the awesome new book The Summer I Wasn’t Me by Jessica Verdi (read my review)!


Summer I Wasn't Me Summary

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In the book, Lexi’s hair is originally died black, but then as she spends a lot of time at New Horizons, her naturally brown hair starts to grow out. I actually really love the combination of black and brown hair, and think that it can be done right a couple of different ways. Shown above are four black-brown hair styles and colors that I love and definitely fit Lexi’s black-to-brown transformation. I’d like to think that, after the book has ended and Lexi has looked back on everything, she might choose to do her hair like one of the pictures above — it both embraces and balances the two sides of herself: pre- and post-New Horizons.

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I picked out a few different types of looks for the eye makeup, instead of going with a general theme like last time.

At the top left is a pink ombre shadow that I think would be the perfect over-the-top eye makeup to go with the pink outfits the girls have to wear at New Horizons.

The top left photo is a sparkly teal which I think is a nice tie between the teal cover and Lexi’s revealed love of sparkles from a scene in the book at the rec room craft table.

The bottom left photo is another teal choice, this time one that I think goes nicely with the cover of the book. I love how the color goes under the eyes here as well.

The bottom right is another homage to the cover. At first I was unsure about the whole “orange eyeshadow” thing, but I actually think this is really pretty and I love the ombre effect.

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These lips respectively match the eye makeup from above.

The top left is a bright light pink lipstick that ironically complements the pink eyeshadow above. I wouldn’t normally wear all one color like that, but I think Lexi, with her sassy personality, would think it was fun to wear both bright pink eyes and bright pink lipstick at the same time as her pink New Horizons outfit. It makes fun of the whole “girly” thing without being too outrageous.

I think the coral lipgloss on the top left is the perfect shade to match the sparkly eyeshadow from above. That sparkly shadow has a slight teal tint to it, and I love the combination of teal and orange, especially during the summer!

The teal eyeshadow on the bottom left above would perfectly match this ice pink lipstick I picked out. The teal eyes are so bold that I knew I wanted a more reserved lip shade, but I love how the ice pink is almost sort of a neutral color while at the same time being pretty and noticeable in its own right.

Lastly, on the bottom right is a nude lipstick that goes well with the bright orange eyeshadow above. Since the orange is so in-your-face, anything more than a nude or nude-pink lip color would be totally overwhelming and tacky, which is definitely not Lexi’s style.

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The top left color is almost the exact same color of teal that’s on the cover of The Summer I Wasn’t Me! And I love that it has a little bit of sparkle.

The top right color is a cute orange-y coral color that is reminiscent of the two hearts that are also on the cover. I seriously love this color! And it definitely screams “summertime,” which is the time of year when the book is set.

The bottom left is my favorite. It totally reminds me the sparkle scene in the book and how much Lexi loves crafts and sparkles. I think she would dig this color a lot; I can totally picture her wearing it.

The bottom right is another really cute option that I think is fun, flirty, and goes with Lexi’s personality really well. It’s also a teal ombre which, again, goes back to the cover design.

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I don’t think that you could really wear all of these pieces at once — it would kind of look weird since they don’t really have a theme or color scheme — but all of them individually really remind me of Lexi and are things I think she would wear.

On the top left is a pair of earrings that is so perfectly cute and reminiscent of the orange hearts on the cover of the book.

On the top right is a beautiful gold cross necklace. In the book, Lexi is forced to wear a gold cross necklace as part of her New Horizons uniform, but she’s not exactly a fan. Lexi does admit that she believes in God, though, so I thought that this pretty modern version might be something more in line with her idea of a wearable Christian necklace.

The photo on the bottom left is of an adorable rainbow friendship bracelet that I can totally picture Lexi and Carolyn making for each other during craft time at the camp. Not like they’d be allowed to give each other gifts at the camp…but in my head this is something they’d definitely have done in an alternate universe.

The last picture is a fashionable, chunky ring that I see being Lexi’s favorite piece of this bunch. She’s very into fashion and is thinking about going to study fashion in Paris one day, so I’m sure she’d love this bold statement ring that’s a finger-sized replica of the Eiffel Tower.

**All photos are from Pinterest**

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