Why I Don’t Follow Your Book Blog {Discussion}

Discussion Post

You guys…I love the book blogging community. Sure, it has its ups and downs, but for the most part it’s crazy and amazing and wonderful. And part of being in the community is following and/or commenting on lots of different blogs! And I’m a Bloglovin’ addict. I follow hundreds of blogs and do my best to try to comment on a good chunk of the posts in my feed.

But there’s a system for which blogs I choose to follow or not follow, and that’s what I’m going to talk about today. These are just my opinions, though, and I know that lots of other people have different standards or reasons why/why not…let me know in the comments how you decide whether to follow!


Why I Want To or DON’T Want To Follow Your Book Blog:

1. Layout


Whether or not it’s fair, the first thing I notice about any blog is always going to be the layout. I love modern, clean, feminine designs such as Nose Graze, Books for a Delicate Eternity, and Stay Bookish. Even if (like me!) you don’t have the skills or money to design or pay for a fancy layout, there are plenty of nice simple WordPress designs available for free. I’d love a beautiful layout, but with a few personal tweaks, I was able to make a free layout work pretty well for me (at least until I decide to get a pretty one someday).

Sometimes a blog’s layout is just so egregious that I can’t even stand to look at it for more than a few seconds. If you have tons of flashing and floating banners and buttons, or crazy colors that make my eyes hurt…I’m probably going to click the red “x” on my browser pretty fast. I also really dislike layouts in which you can’t easily find a person’s posts. There’s one book blogger that I follow (no offense, but I’m talking about you, Effortlessly Reading!) who’s layout is really pretty….but I can’t find anything. There’s no search bar and you can’t see her latest posts besides the four that are on the homepage. I love her blog, so I still follow her, but it’s definitely a little frustrating sometimes!

2. Content

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 1.19.53 PM

The next thing I’ll notice is the type of posts you normally have on your blog. This isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, but usually I try to follow blogs that have a good mix of reviews, discussion posts, features, and memes. If a blog only has reviews (and maybe the occasional meme)…I won’t follow them.

I also really enjoy content that’s well written and original. It doesn’t have to be super fancy, but I like it when I can easily relate to the content and your words kind of “speak” to me. For example, I really like The Daily Prophecy blog — Mel has a great mix of posts and also has interesting discussions and features.


3. Activity

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 1.27.20 PM

Like I talked about in my recent discussion post about replying to comments, I love it when bloggers are actively interested in having conversations with other bloggers, whether it be taking place in the comments or on Twitter. I really like talking to other bloggers and the “community” aspect of book blogging, so I’m definitely more apt to follow you if I notice that you have a decent social media/commenting presence.

On the other hand, it kind of bums me out if I’ve been following a blog forever, but I’ve never heard from them in a personal way…whether it be in a comment, a comment reply, or even on Twitter. And I also don’t appreciate negative activity. For example, a couple weeks ago there was some big Twitter drama over plagiarism, and some bloggers reacted very inappropriately and it really made me want to un-follow them.


4. Type of Blog

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 1.34.26 PM

Another thing that influences my decision of whether or not to follow a blog is the type of blog. While I hate the Blogger commenting system, I still usually will follow a Blogger blog anyway…I just might not comment very much.

But, hands-down, I dislike the IntenseDebate and Disqus commenting systems so much that I actively refuse to follow or comment on any blogs who use it. This may seem harsh, and I feel really bad if you’re a friend who has this on their blog (sorry, Nara!), but I follow so many blogs that I have to draw the line somewhere. I just can’t do it right now, but maybe in the future I’ll change my mind.

I love WordPress blogs, though! Their commenting system is so easy to use, so as long as you basically follow my other requirements, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll end up adding you to my feed!

And that’s pretty much it! What criteria do YOU use to decide whether or not you’re going to follow a blog?


52 responses to “Why I Don’t Follow Your Book Blog {Discussion}

  1. All really good points! I love a blog with a good design, but my pet peeve is a blog with a small font-size. Sure, I can use a keyboard shortcut to increase it, but I still don’t like it.

    Oh – and with Effortlessly Reading – I see a link to the Archives on the bottom of the sidebar once you’re off in the main-page and unto a blog post, or if you click “Blog” at the top.

    • Oh! I didn’t realize you could click “Blog” and it would bring you to recent posts. But, still, if I’ve been following her and been kind of frustrated about that for like 6 months…it’s probably not a great way to do it 😛 But thanks! Now I know the secret and can do that in the future. I’m not sure why I never realized there was a “blog” button — or I guess I probably just didn’t realize what that button was for.

      Since I have less-than-great eyesight, my browser is always blown up for font size! So I don’t really notice that as much. But I can see why that would be really aggravating.

  2. Lovely discussion, Miranda! You make a lot of great points and I super agree with all of them. I think design is important (so happy that you like mine btw) but that doesn’t mean it has to be extra gorgeous- clean and simple with a flair is the way to go, in my opinion. 🙂 Content is the most crucial because I like to see a mix of things and if a blog is ‘too stereotypical’ (for a lack of a better phrase), I probably won’t follow. I don’t mind the activity/blog type much but I’m less likely to visit inactive/complicated to comment on blogs.

    • Your comment did go to spam! Weird. Glad you let me know 🙂

      What do you mean by stereotypical? I’m not sure I totally understand. (Just so that I can make sure I’m not doing it 😛 )

      Content is probably the most crucial to me as well. If you have awesome features or a really strong voice, you’ll most likely end up being a favorite of mine. I like it when blogs stand out and I remember them as being awesome.

      • Akismet was hating on me and apparently considered me as a spammer! It’s fixed now tho! (Which is why this comment won’t be going thru spam anymore haha)

        Stereotypical, as in too formulaic? Too many reviews and memes- not enough original posts, I guess? Don’t worry, you’re totally not in that category. 😉

        So agree on the strong voice! It really distinguishes a blog for me too! 😀

      • Oh okay. That’s what I thought you meant, but just wanted to make sure. I agree! Sometimes I visit and blog and all I see is: review, review, review, book tour, review, review, review, meme. And I’m just like YAWNNNNN.

  3. I use Disqus and I really like it. To each their own, I guess. I hated the Blogger commenting system so much, it was intolerable to me. (I do kind of wish I’d got a WordPress blog now, I think they’re much better, but I can’t quite be bothered to move over to WordPress at the moment.)

    I’m still settling into the rhythm of my book blog, so I haven’t really started doing posts that aren’t reviews. I’ll probably try to start eventually, though!

    I like clean layouts too. Also yeah, I dislike small fonts. They make posts so much harder to read. I’ll follow if I a) like the layout, b) have similar reading tastes to them (never gonna follow any blog that doesn’t review YA and/or mainstream fantasy), c) like the style of their reviews. If I can never actually be bothered to read a blog’s reviews, there’s no point in following them.

    • I hate Disqus so much haha. But I get why some people think it’s better than the Blogger system. I think that, out of all three, Intense Debate is probably my favorite of the ones I dislike.

      I think that’s understandable for newer bloggers. It takes a little while to get into the flow of things and decide what kind of blog you want to be.

      It’s interesting the different reasons people follow blogs! I like this discussion 🙂 I usually don’t even take reviews into consideration! I probably should’ve added “similar reading tastes” to the list, but as long as they’re a YA blog and they meet the other criteria, I’ll usually follow them without even looking at a review. But I can understand why that would be a REALLY important thing for other people. It’s just that I don’t read reviews for books I haven’t read yet…so reviews are the things that I read the least often on people’s blogs once I’m already following them. Because of that, somebody’s review style isn’t really that important to me. But the amount of reviews definitely is, since it’s usually only once in a while somebody will be reviewing a book that I’ve read. If they only have reviews, I’ll be skipping over their posts SO MUCH in my feed that it’s just usually not worth it for me unless they write absolutely stellar reviews.

      • The Blogger system is so ugly and it puts me off commenting on other blogs so much. I do still try to comment though no matter what the commenting system, if I’m interested in a post.

        I’ve cooked up my first discussion post which I’m planning to post some time this week, about parents and grandparents in YA. You won’t be able to comment though, alas! 😛

        Haha, if I’m interested in a book, I’ll always read the reviews before I buy it! So yeah, I like reading reviews for books I haven’t read. It’s so interesting how different book bloggers can be!

      • Ooh let me know when that post goes live! It sounds interesting and I want to check out your first discussion 🙂

        Well, I guess I do sort of read reviews sometimes. Let me be more clear…when I very first find out about a book, I’ll check out its Goodreads ratings and maybe a few reviews, and then I’ll add it to my TBR list. But usually MONTHS (if not years lol) go by before I’ll get around to reading that book. So by that time, I’ve forgotten all about the reviews I’ve read and it’s like having a blank slate. But if somebody posts a review that’s for a book that’s already on my TBR list, but I haven’t read it yet, I won’t read the review. It wouldn’t be on my TBR list if I wasn’t already interested (so I don’t need to read the review to “convince” me to read the book), and I don’t want to read any more about it in case of spoilers and because I really like going into a book “blind” (I won’t even read the back of the book, even if I don’t remember what it’s about, as long as I know it was already on my TBR!).

  4. I’m with you on the Blogger blogs. Sometimes, it won’t take ANY of my attempted login credentials and I just give up. Using G+ has helped but it’s still irritating as crap to comment on them.

    One of my weirdest peeves lately is all text posts. I’ve tried to be more careful about my own, but for the sake of readability, I like it (and have come to NEED it more and more for paying attention) when the blogger breaks up the text with a gif or a screenshot or just a little squiggle that shows a break in the flow of thoughts.

  5. I am honored that you chose my blog for your wonderful list! Thank you so much!

    1.I have never encountered a blog whose design was cluttered enough to make me run away, but yes, layout is very important– simple, clean, and pleasant-to-the-eye is always a good way to go… And I really do like the Oxygen theme– I think it is one of the free themes best suited for book blogging! Although, it can be a pain if I can’t find a book cover image big enough to cover the “featured image” completely…

    2. Really, the only thing I want is for posts to be well-written and fun to read… It doesn’t matter if there are only book reviews or only discussions. Memes, however, can get more than a little boring after a while, though 😉

    3. I really suck at activity right now, though I do read all the posts that interested me (by the way, I still need to comment on you “I’m bisexual” post)… School is kind of taking over my life ^_^” Anyways. Yes, I love it when bloggers communicate with each other through comments and social media. Making bookish friends is one of the reasons why I blog, after all!

    Oh, and I heard about the Twitter drama… I’m very saddened–and even angry–by how the community reacted 😦 And while I am sure the bloggers involved are good people overall, I will probably not follow them anytime soon. So yeah: negative interaction=badbadbad.

    4. Haha, I actually kind of like the Disques comment system… The blogger one, though… Eh. I don’t mind it but I prefer the WordPress commenting system or basically any other system 😛 But to be honest, comment systems don’t affect who I follow or the blogs I comment on.

    Great post, Miranda!

    • 1. Oh my god the book cover image thing is the hugest pain in my ass!! haha. I was actually trying to find a blog that was a good example of the cluttered/eye-hurting layout thing, but since I obviously don’t follow any, I had a hard time. But I’ve definitely seen them a few times!

      2. That’s a good point. There are a FEW bloggers who just write such good reviews that I wouldn’t even care if all they posted were reviews. But mostly I like a good variety.

      3. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!! And glad to hear about your opinion on the Twitter drama. I’ve just seen (and actually been a recipient of) some bad behavior from two of those bloggers in particular, so I’m trying to stay away from them as much as possible. As much as I might’ve thought they were “cool” when I first started blogging, I quickly started to realize that they’re more like tyrant teenage girls sitting at the popular lunch table than anything else.

      4. I’m glad it doesn’t affect you! I will freely admit that I can be a very picky person about whose blog I follow 😛 But, yeah, I just won’t do Disqus. Although little by little I’m starting to come around a bit on IntenseDebate. At least you get email notifications when somebody replies. But my problem with both of them is that they don’t link directly back to someone’s blog when you comment. Not that somebody clicking on my name is the only reason I comment…but it’s weird not to be as associated with your comment as you would be with the Blogger or WordPress systems. And it just makes it that much harder for somebody to click back to your blog even if they did want to.

      Thanks for your awesome and lengthy comment! I’ll be expecting one on my bisexual post soon!! 😉

      • 1. RIGHT?! Seriously, sometimes I just can’t find a large image of a book cover and then I have to re-size an image, which is irritating because it often ends up in this pixel mess >_< Book blogger problems are terrible problems.

        2. I would say that Cynthia from Jellyfish Reads (I just visited her blog a few moments ago, so she's the example I'm going with!) has really wonderful reviews, and, while I look forward to her discussion posts, I would totally be happy with her reviews– they are just so fun and I feel so chatty when I finish reading one!

        3. I'm glad to hear your opinion, too. I've just been feeling bothered about it all of this time, so it's nice to know that somebody feels the same. I know that mostly everybody is "over it", but I'm not– In fact, I still feel very unsettled by what happened and even wondering if the drama the community sometimes has is necessary or just drama that happens because part of the community likes to add flames to the fire.

        (And if I offended anyone with what I just said, please just take this comment down… I'm not trying to hurt someone!)

        And aw, that really sucks. 😦 Nobody deserves that and nobody should be doing that sort of thing… Especially bookish people. I mean, we're reading all of these books that look into the minds of characters that make bad choices and mistakes and their consequences, so we should be among the most mature and understanding people in the world.

        4. Haha, I admit to be totally confused about the link things when I first encountered Disqus. I kept clicking on names and going through profiles. I wanted to know what blogs the people who wrote awesome comments hailed from, darn it!

        Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write a long comment… And an even longer comment in reply 😀 I shall be writing one on your bisexual post (heh, this makes it sound as if it's the post that is bisexual and not you 😛 ) sometime soon later this week!

      • 1. The biggest problem I have with it is that all of my posts are scheduled…and you can’t check out how the image will look on your homepage before it’s live. So I’ll crop and image or whatever, add it to the post, and then have to wait three weeks to see if it even looks right 😛 Something’s wrong with this system.

        2. Okay, so BECAUSE you wrote this, I went and checked out her reviews. I had to dig to find one for a book that I’ve already read…but, you’re right, she’s good and I really liked her review style! *sigh* This makes me think that I should get more into reading reviews. People’s comments on this post are totally changing my mind about things! Okay. I’m going to follow Cynthia now because I really liked her Fangirl review. Thanks for forcing me to get out of my shell a bit 😉

        3. I will not take your comment down! I’m sure nobody like that is reading my blog anyway, but seriously…it needs to be said. I totally agree with you 🙂 Preach!

        4. Girl, you can write long comments any time you want!! Talking to you guys is my favorite thing ever.

  6. Awww look it’s my face! Hehe 😀 Thanks for including me!

    I used to HATE the disqus system too, but I finally figured out how to link my twitter account, and since I only follow about three blogs with that system, it isn’t a horrible burden anymore. And I actually kind of like IntenseDebate, but Nara’s blog is the only one I’ve seen it on I think. I guess the lesson here is that I need to follow more blogs, eh?

    I love clean blogs – I tried so hard with mine, but I’m thinking of changing it up again. I need something lighter and more airy. I’m like *this* close to paying someone to create the artwork – I’m thinking cherry blossoms with a pale blue and a few nautical touches. But I guess I’ll sit my butt down in front of picmonkey and try again…

    Stuff that bothers me on a blog… very bright colors. Probably my number 1 issue. Parajunkee’s blog is probably the most painful one I follow; it makes my eyes feel like they’re shaking! I just like soft, soothing colors, and with all the purple, red, and yellow clashing it’s like I’M MELTING

    • THAT’S the one I was thinking of! Parajunkee. I couldn’t even follow them because of their layout. But I just looked them up again…they changed it! It’s completely different now. Maybe I’ll start following again!

      Ooh I love your idea of cherry blossoms and nautical. That sounds like it could be really pretty 🙂 I don’t think your design is bad at all, but I’m not in love with it because I don’t feel like those hard lines and stuff really fit your personality. I think your old one was more “you,” even though your new one is still cute.

      AHHH I just went to blog and YOU CHANGED YOUR HEADER!! I love it so so so much. Not super crazy about the background color of the design? But I’m IN LOVE with that header. Seriously. Where is that quote from??

      • Ahh I felt the same way! It was pretty dark too; I wanted some brighter, fresher, and cleaner colors 😀

        SO glad you like the new header!!! I was going with the cherry blossoms thing, but then the birds didn’t blend, and I decided I wanted it more rustic with the birds and branches. And then all of that came afterward!

        The quote is from the song New Horizons by Flyleaf 😀 It’s a band that pretty much got me through high school! Another great song by them is Arise. I almost used that one, but New Horizons embodied the whole theme a bit better I think!

      • lol okay I’m going to go check out the song, but all I can think of is that the gay transition camp in The Summer I Wasn’t Me is called New Horizons 😛

      • Ugh no it’s not like that at all. I’m still not sure I want to read TSIWM – I just finished My Best Friend, Maybe and I had so many issues with Christianity in that book. I’m sure I’ll have the same problem with TSIWM…

      • Hmmm. I wouldn’t say that it’s overly Christian. I consider myself to be pretty….anti-religion, to be honest. Although not necessarily anti-God. It bothers me a lot when novels get preachy or mention God too much, because I feel like it’s a very personal thing that just doesn’t really have a place in most literature. But while there definitely was some “this crosses the line” stuff in TSIWM, it wasn’t the kind that made me dislike the book. It was more like I just disliked the characters that were having those bad attitudes vs. the book/plot line itself. Her use of religion was very realistic, but certainly not condoned. Although she did a good job not being super dismissive about it either. I would say it’s more like a “this is an example of how religion can be used badly, and the author is not in support of it, but the author is potentially in support of a higher power and religion used the RIGHT way” kind of a thing. And a lot of the things at the camp weren’t even that religious. Especially because it’s not particularly associated with a specific religion. I get why you’d have some hang-ups about it, but I feel like the way the author handled it was good, and the focus of the novel was way more on friendships, family, acceptance, coming-of-age, etc. than anything to do with God. But if you’re not really feeling into it, and/or what I just said didn’t help, don’t read it right now! Maybe once you have more distance from My Best Friend, Maybe you’ll be more interested.

        *Sidenote: I have absolutely no idea what your religious beliefs are, so I hope nothing I said offended you! I was assuming from your comment that you weren’t in favor of the whole “religion in books” thing vs. not enough religion and/or you didn’t like that Christianity was presented in a BAD way.

      • That actually makes a lot of sense now. Thanks for the breakdown! I think I’d be more likely to read it now 🙂

        As far as me, I’m Christian, but I wasn’t offended in any way by what you said! I shouldn’t be on the internet if I get bruised feelings that easily 😛 I actually talk about it in my review for My Best Friend, Maybe when it goes up tomorrow. I may have gone on a bit of a rant when it comes to how Christianity is presented in 99.9% of the YA books I’ve read… 😉

      • Oh okay, good. You just never know! Religion can be a really touchy subject, so I just wanted to put a little disclaimer in there 😛

        I’m definitely going to read that review to see what you said about it! I’m interested.

        I think that religions specific to Christianity (on the Protestant side) can be okay. I’ve just had really bad experiences/know disturbing things about the Catholic Church that have really put me off the idea of organized religion. But a lot of the bigger, more “normal” Christian religions I find good. I grew up as a Congregationalist, which I thought had a really great community aspect, and I feel like Episcopalism is another low-key one that’s good. I’m sure there’s some other ones, too. But I definitely get a little bit freaked out when people are HARD CORE about their religion. Although somebody being hard core about God in general is a lot easier for me to understand and be okay about. Overall, I feel like I’m pretty accepting, though. Like, even though I may have strong opinions about something FOR ME, as long as you’re not going around hurting other people, I’m pretty much okay with whatever people feel like they want to do with themselves and their lives.

  7. Very interesting post! I definitely don’t like it when a blog has bright colours that make my eyes hurt, or has so many bells/whistles/banners/widgets/buttons that my computer slows down from just loading the main screen. As for content, if a blog seems to be posting nothing but tour stuff (e.g. book blasts/giveaways/cover reveals), it makes it hard for me to actually go and find a post I can comment on.

    As for commenting systems, I’m totally fine with Disqus and IntenseDebate, but the Blogger commenting system seems to HATE me. If it’s hard to comment on someone’s blog, I’m less inclined to follow them.

    That being said, I haven’t had a lot of time to actually go through my BlogLovin’ feed lately, haha!

  8. Just a mini comment: it’s interesting that you hate Disqus and IntenseDebate so much. I use Disqus and it’s so much better than blogger’s comment system. I’m not sure about ID but Disqus does send email notifications whenever someone comments or when someone replies to me (on their blog)! Which is GREAT because I almost always forget to check back. And it also links to blogs (you have to click on the name to see the commenter’s info) so I can visit back even if it’s someone I don’t know (as long as they have added their blog url, of course)

    • Why does everybody think it’s so weird that I hate Disqus?? 😛 This is so funny. I must just be missing something lol

      I’m actually starting to come around a little bit on Intense Debate…but I still don’t know about Disqus. I’ve hated it for so long! Maybe I’ll try using it again, because clearly I’m the only one that’s bothered by it.

      Wait, I just tried to access your blog and it says you’re protected?? Is that right? I’ll request. It wasn’t like that during #LGBTApril! What happened? I wanted to try Disqus out again, because I think you have it on your blog, right?

      • Gonna hop in here real quick (I stalk comment threads–don’t judge!), but the reason why the blog is protected because it’s Cayce’s WordPress blog not her active Blogger blog 🙂

        *stalks away*

      • Hahahaha you’re so sneaky! It’s okay. I was just confused because you linked it up to your comment, so I assumed it was the right one. But don’t worry I found you 🙂

  9. *flails* *twirls* *frolics* *dances*
    Seriously, Miranda, you have MADE MY DAY (and possibly my week/month/year) by including my design in your favourites. I cannot even begin to tell you how happy that mkes me. Because you put me in there with Ashley and Hazel and they MADE their own designs and I have no design skills, and yep – WOW. I could go on about why that mention means so much to me, but hopefully you understand!
    My reasons for following a blog are pretty much the same as yours. Design is really important to me. I have bad eyesight so I truly hate it when font is tiny, or indecipherable from the background or flicky or anything that makes it hard to read. And pale colours are always a win because it doesn’t feel like my retinas are burning – yay!
    Okay I really want to know why you hate IntenseDebate and Disqus! I don’t mind them at all, really, but I want to know your thoughts 😀

    • You’re welcome!! 🙂 I think you did a great job! And I love your blog! I just HAD to include you in this list 🙂

      lol okay okay okay I’m starting to come around on them! I even commented using Disqus for the first time in a very long time last night! And…..it wasn’t terrible. I guess I was just too set in my ways 😛 I think that I will start using them more (now that basically everybody in the whole world has commented to tell me that I’m wrong), but my main problems with it were/are:

      (a) having to login sometimes (it’s more complicated than just doing it on the Blogger system or WordPress)

      (b) not getting email notifications of comment replies (although I think something weird was going on with that before, because I just got a notification today and so I guess it DOES tell you. I think I just didn’t have it set up right or something)

      (c) it doesn’t link directly back to somebody’s blog from their comment. And if they don’t have their blog linked to their Disqus profile, it might be really hard to figure out who the commenter was and which blog they’re associated with. And not everybody does have it linked up because…

      (d) it’s confusing! I mean, I guess it’s not THAT hard to figure out, but it’s definitely more complicated than just writing down your name and email when you comment on WordPress. I think I’ve got the hang of it now, but it took me a while to realize that I should have it linked to my email to get reply notifications and my blog so that people can see who I am. And, also, this isn’t as big of a deal, but

      (e) most people have their Disqus profiles set up so that it just says “Chiara” or something. I really like going through regular comments on people’s blogs and seeing “Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity.” Because otherwise how do I even know you’re a blogger if I don’t recognize your first name? And sometimes having that blog name attached will make me more apt to click on somebody’s name to figure out who they are. But then, with Disqus, I’d have to go through the extra step of having to go to their profile to get to their blog. It’s just kind of a hassle!

      Buttttt I think that I will start using it now anyway. I seem to be missing out of some good blogs because of my reservations, and I guess I’d just rather deal with the annoyance than not be able to read/comment on those blogs at all!

  10. haha still haven’t managed to completely cure your hate of ID 😉
    btw you can actually make your comment link directly to your blog if you add a blog to your ID account. Just go to intensedebate.com and login, add your blog URL and BAM, all linked up 🙂

    The one thing that will absolutely turn me off a blog is if there’s a black background and white writing. Because then it’s like MY EYESSS. I also dislike it when all the blogposts are book blitzes/cover reveals/other promotional posts, and the blogger posts several of them a day. Like, dude, I don’t need you flooding my bloglovin feed.
    Other than that, I tend to be fairly flexible.

  11. I think the only criteria is actually the content these days. Literally, if a blogger posts discussion posts regularly the first thing I do is add them to my Feedly. Does that mean I actually visit the blog all the time? No. I primarily use it for recap purposes, but I do look at every post I link to, whether it’s pretty or not.

    When it comes to actually deciding which blogs I will interact with or follow on a personal level though, I think it comes down to three main things: whether their posts catch my attention, whether they have commented on my posts, or whether they’re just good friends. I have been horrible at commenting since moving to the UK, but over the past month I’ve been slowly working on that. My main commenting goal is to try and pay back the favor to those who have been commenting on my blog. I know how discouraging it can be when commenting on someone’s blog if they never repay the love, whether people admit that bothers them or not. So I usually try to visit those when I sit down and just want to comment on some blogs.

    Otherwise, if I’m adding links to my weekly recap (as I am now), and decide a post has made me want to comment (like this one), then I’ll go ahead and comment while linking to it. It doesn’t happen all the time (I link to way too many posts to comment on them all), but it does here and there. I think it’s a sign of a good post if the blogger can make me stop and want to type out one of my ridiculously rambly comments like this!

    And of course, sometimes I just visit my blog friends. There are bloggers I’ve followed forever and sometimes I worry when I’ve been too busy to comment that our friendship will sort of disappear as others interact with them more. So sometimes I try and just reach out to my old favorites just to show them I still love them, even if I am a suckier blogger than I was before!

    • Ooh you commented on my blog 😀 Yay! I feel like you explain the reasons why you haven’t been commenting as much on your blog a lot, so at least I know your personal circumstances and can understand why you don’t comment very much. But it definitely sometimes sucks to not get a comment back from somebody who you don’t know as well, because I feel like usually I’ll just end up assuming that they don’t like your blog/your posts or whatever. But, just so you know…while it’s AWESOME to get a comment from you, it’s not something I expect or get upset about not having, since I know the reasons why 🙂

      But, at the same time, it does make me feel REALLY good when you take the time to type out a huge long comment like this one 🙂 I feel special!!

      Although I haven’t been doing a great job of commenting on blogs the past couple weeks because of some personal stuff, lately I’ve been getting back into it more. I usually comment on every post I include in my weekly wrap-ups (just because it’s like this weird little “requirement” of mine lol), and then I also comment on some posts that I don’t include in the wrap-ups, too.

      Do you have your feed set up so that all of your “discussion post” blogs that you use for your recaps are in one folder, and then the “blog friends” people are in another one? That’s how I do mine, so that I make sure I can give my favorite blogs a little bit more attention and don’t miss a post!

      Thanks again for the comment, Asti 🙂

      • I have my Feedly set up very strange. It is in order of communication – I have a folder for Bookish Friends (bloggers I interact with a lot, whether through comments or Twitter or other), Bookish Acquaintances (those bloggers that I know enough that I recognize their blogs and know a little bit about the person behind the blog, even if I don’t actually talk to them), and Bookish Strangers (everyone else). So usually when I go through my Feedly I will just go through them all as one entire entity to find the discussion posts, but when I have time to comment I’ll go through them by section starting with my Friends and then Acquaintances and then Strangers. I don’t know if it’s weird that I have them organized that way, I feel sort of weird admitting it, but it’s just what I started doing. Every once in a while I’ll go through and move people around. It’s like my blogger relationship tracker lol. That sounds so bad!

      • No! Don’t feel weird. That’s actually a really smart way of doing it. I guess it’s sort of like how I do it, because most of my favorite blogs are run by the bloggers I’m the most friendly with, except I only have two categories instead of three. I actually think it’d be really useful to set it up the way you do it…so that you can track which are the newest blogs you’re following (probably “strangers”) and also make sure to give attention to your friends. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  13. Layout is important to me too! There are some blogs that use this one font that I find really hard to read, and it makes me sad cos I love the blogs 😦 It’s a sort of italicised one, and my eyes hate it, haha!

    The blogger is also important. Like you said, do they interact with the reader? Do they reply to comments on the blog and social media?

    But overall, content is most important. I prefer blogs that focus on discussion and other fun features. Reviews too, but I’m more picky when it comes to reading them – depends on the genre!

  14. Great list! For me it comes down to two main things:

    1. Design. I like simple, pretty designs. If it feels cluttered or sluggish, it can be painful for me to visit. 😦

    2. Content. These days I’m REALLY big on discussion posts. I’m not interested in promo posts, giveaways, or even a ton of reviews. But I love bookish/blogging discussions!

  15. Great discussion post, I struggle the most with dark blogs with white text or colored text. My eyes have trouble reading them. I also have trouble with moving widgets like scrolling blog images..they make me dizzy. I like a good mix too, and try to include discussions, features and a few scattered memes.

  16. Great post! I definitely agree with you and take all these things into consideration as well. I also see if they review the same genre as me (because if I’m not interested in reading their reviews… why would I follow?). I like a good mix of reviews, memes and discussions, means the blog is fun 🙂

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  18. Great post! I’m also a sucker for pretty layouts, especially ones that are unique. I do have a hard time following blogs that have black/colored backgrounds in the text area-it messes with my computer monitor and I usually have to highlight the text so I can read it. I do like blogs that have bright colors/designs, but I prefer these things to be on the ‘outside’ area of a blog.

    As for content-I prefer blogs that focus on reviews, with an occasional feature thrown in 🙂 I don’t participate in memes anymore, so I’m not really interested in blogs that focus on those.

    I recently moved my blog from blogger to WP and I just finished getting my new blog set up. I went back and forth about including a recent posts widget on my sidebar, but I decided to not have one, since I have 6 posts showing on my main page, which does pretty much the same thing. I may change this down the road though! I do have a search bar and I just figured out how to have all my categories displayed out on a page (this was a ridiculously complicated process sheesh!). I also have my reviews broke down by genre there. Hopefully it’s pretty easy for people to find things on my blog!

    Just found your blog and I’m now following you through bloglovin 🙂

    • Wow I’m glad that you’re still following me even though my reviews are kind of rare haha, since that’s what you said you like! I usually post about one review per week, sometimes two, depending on my schedule. Very occasionally I’ll do a Top Ten Tuesday, but besides that I don’t really do memes. The rest of my posts are discussions, features, and my weekly wrap-up posts.

      I think your layout is fine! (re: recent posts). I can see all the posts from this week, and then you can click “next” to go to older posts. That’s what most people have, I think. Or, like mine, it just infinitely scrolls. I don’t think you really need a “recent posts” widget if you already have those posts on your homepage. It’s redundant! Your blog seems pretty straight forward and easy to navigate 🙂

      Glad you found me! And thanks for commenting! Happy to have a new follower 🙂 I’m going to follow you, too!

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  20. Great post! And so many good points! Readability is definitely key. There are a couple of blogs where I’ll read and comment on all the reviews, but, like you, I engage much more readily with the discussion posts, certain memes, and special features. Which is probably why I only do one review per week. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

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