Bookish Beauty Feature Debut: Stolen Songbird

As you guys know from my post about makeup the other week, one of the things that I’m a little bit obsessed with outside of books and blogging is beauty! While I don’t consider myself to be the queen bee of beautifulness or anything, I like to think that (objectively — not always based on what I look like or am wearing! 😉 ) I have pretty good taste, and I want to share that part of my life with you guys!

So I came up with a new feature…Bookish Beauty! Basically, what this feature is going to be is taking popular books and creating “looks” featuring hair, makeup, and accessories that go along with the cover/plot/details in the story.   Bookish BeautyThe book that I’m featuring today is Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen (read my review)!  17926775

Stolen Songbird Summary

Anchor Separator


Stolen Songbird Hair


Stolen Songbird Eyes


Stolen Songbird Lips


Stolen Songbird Nails


Stolen Songbird Jewelry

**all pictures from Pinterest**

4 responses to “Bookish Beauty Feature Debut: Stolen Songbird

  1. What a great idea! First of all, this book rocks. And I love the intricate hairstyles you found. And I want to paint my nails green right now!

  2. Loved this book! This was a great book choice for your feature debut! I love the hairstyles you found – if only I could do that for every day wear. 😀 And the jewelry you found is so pretty! Great picks!

  3. Can I have that bottom right ring in silver or rose gold please??? IT’S TOO PRETTY. And I almost wish I had long hair again so I could do those braids O_O Almost.

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