My Bookish Wishlist {Top Ten Tuesday}

Top Ten Tuesday

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is the top ten things on your bookish wishlist. I haven’t participated in TTT in while, but I definitely wanted to do this one. I love looking at pretty bookish things! So here’s some of the things on my list ๐Ÿ™‚




#1: A whole room full of beautiful Ikea bookshelves like this one!

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#2: Or, well, now that I think about it…how about just a room in my house that looks like this!! (This is totally going to become a reality one day…)

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#3: Pretty bookmarks! Bookmarks are obviously an important reading accessory. But all of mine are super ugly! I’d really love to get some nice, pretty new ones like these.

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#4: A book light! This book light from Amazon is only $15 and I really want one! I have trouble sleeping at night, so even though I read before bed (which is way better for you than being on the computer or watching TV), my bedside light is a little too bright for my liking. I think that I’d have an easier time falling asleep if I was usingย a book light instead of a bright lamp.

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#5: A custom rubber stamp. How awesome would it be to have one of these?! And then all my books could say “This Belongs to: Miranda” on the inside cover. That would be pretty cool.

7 responses to “My Bookish Wishlist {Top Ten Tuesday}

  1. this is a great list I have 3 & 1/4 (one small bookcase is a fourth the size of the others) Ikea bookcases. I would love a room with just books but I have settled for a wall. the stamp is a great idea and I love bookmarks but I always lose them.

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