LGBT {Historical Fiction Spotlight}

Historical Fiction Spotlight

Historical Fiction Spotlight is a feature that I came up with in order to highlight some books from one of my favorite genres — historical fiction. I feel like sometimes this genre gets pushed to the wayside, but there are so many great books about so many different things! In each spotlight, I’ll share 10 books from a different time period. While I might not have read every book I show, I promise that they come fully vetted and are all on my TBR list!

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In honor of #LGBTApril, hosted by Cayce (Fighting Dreamer) and Laura (Laura Plus Books), today I’ll be sharing some awesome LGBT historical fiction books! Normally my Historical Fiction Spotlights are focused on a specific era, but today’s reads are going to be more genre-specific instead and cover all sorts of time periods!

The Vintner's Luck by Elizabeth Knox

The Vintner’s Luck by Elizabeth Knox

Vinter's Luck Summary

This book sounds really, really cool. I haven’t read it, but I’ve heard the writing be described as “gorgeous,” and I love the idea of combining paranormal, historical, and LGBT aspects.

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Revolutionary by Alex Myers

Revolutionary by Alex Myers

Revolutionary Summary

This book was recommended to me by the awesome Erin Lindsay McCabe who wrote the book I Shall Be Near to You (which, while not inherently an LGBT book, does feature a gay side character and has light themes of gender and possibly transgender sexuality). After reading I Shall Be Near to You, I’m definitely interested in checking out more books about women dressing up as men to fight in wars, so I’m really intrigued by Revolutionary, which seems to be maybe a bit more focused on the transgender and gender aspects of the issue than McCabe’s book.

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The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Song of Achilles Summary

Ooh this sounds so good! I actually own this book, but have yet to read it. This book takes place in Ancient Greece and has some mythology in it, along with the story of Helen of Troy. I’m definitely interested in reading this book ASAP.

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Wildthorn by Jane Eagland

Wildthorn by Jane Eagland

Wildthorn Summary

This cover is so cute! I’m not a huge fan of the title/author font, but I have to admit that I’m a sucker for covers with corsets on them. And the premise of this book seriously sounds so good.

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Sarah Waters Collage

Fingersmith, Tipping the Velvet, and The Night Watch by Sarah Waters

Sarah Waters is one of the most famous authors of LGBT fiction out there, and here are three of her most famous LGBT historical fiction novels, all taking place in different eras of British history. I haven’t read anything by her yet, but I own Fingersmith and am really excited to get to it.

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The Gentleman and the Rogue by Bonnie Dee & Summer Devon

The Gentleman and the Rogue by Bonnie Dee & Summer Devon

Gentleman and the Rogue Summary

I think that this is more on the erotica side of things, but it has pretty good reviews on Goodreads and I just bought it a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t read any MM erotica before, but I’m definitely intrigued!

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Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

This book was just recently brought to my attention via the first #LGBTApril Twitter chats, and I’m pretty much obsessed with it now. I can’t wait to read it! (And the ebook is free right now from the Gutenberg Press!). Apparently it’s a Gothic classic that has LGBT themes and is about vampires?! I don’t really know…but from what I’ve heard it sounds awesome.

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Lord John and the Private Matter by Diana Galbanon

Lord John and the Private Matter by Diana Galbanon

Lord John Summary

Diana Galbanon is the author of the well-known Outlander fantasy series, and this book is apparently a spin-off from that, featuring the character Lord John Grey. This is just the first book in a historical fiction series that deals with a lot of LGBT themes.

9 responses to “LGBT {Historical Fiction Spotlight}

  1. Oh, I love this post! ❤

    I'm currently reading Carmilla and it's really goo~d 🙂 The Vintner’s Luck and The Song of Achilles are both on my tbr (because of Carola at Brilliant Years) and I want to check out Wildthorn too (because of Hannah Johnson's fantastic guest post - – she loves corsets too!)

    "own Fingersmith and am really excited to get to it." SAME.

    Oh I quite like Bonnie Dee & Summer Devon's historical novels! (but yes, they write erotica and I mean EROTICA.)

    Btw, don’t forget to add your post(s) to the link up (so others can find them more easily). Also, enter the links of your LGBT posts to the rafflecopter so you can win! (you can enter once a day)

    • Thanks for commenting 🙂 And for letting me know about the link-up — I added my post!

      Haha okay good to know about the Bonnie Dee novels. I haven’t read anything by them yet but I’m intrigued. I do read erotica occasionally, but like I said I’m kind of an MM virgin (I mean, I’ve read plenty of books with gay characters and protagonists, but none with male gay sex explicitly written). So I’m a little nervous about it, but I actually think I’ll like it because I LOVED the Brokeback Mountain movie haha.

    • Oh and I did check out Hannah’s guest post the other day when you mentioned it during the #LGBTApril Twitter chat. I really liked it! I just wanted to mention that I hope you didn’t think I was, like, stealing the post idea or anything…I’d actually been planning on doing this HFS for a few weeks now, ever since I heard about LGBT Month. It just so happens that she and I both had the same idea at the same time (with some of the same books, too!) I guess. 🙂

  2. Wow, I didn’t realise there were so many historical LGBTQ novels out there! I’m not really into historical, so that’s probably why. I’ve read Wildthorn, and I really enjoyed it! So good! Enjoy your reading!

  3. Oh, an MM virgin!! *whispers* come to the “dark” side~* Haha. I hope you’ll enjoy The Gentleman and the Rogue, and if you need any MM recs, just let me know, I’ve read a LOT 😉 Aaand, let me know what you think after you read it!! #supercurious

    I didn’t think that at all, silly! ❤ (only mentioned Hannah's post because you both seem to like corsets – for some unknown reason to me. I mean they have to be so uncomfortable…)

    • I want to come to the dark side so bad 😉 … And I will definitely let you know! I’ll actually probably do one of my Breaking Out of My Comfort Zone posts to get some recommendations on which MM I should read first before I dive in.

      Haha okay good…just checking. I didn’t say I wanted to WEAR one!! They just look pretty on book covers 🙂

  4. Some great picks – I enjoy historical lovels and some of these look really good. Will definitely have to check them out: The Vintner’s Luck in particular!!

  5. I love your list! And one more person mentioning Wildthorn. I have to pick that one up soon! I just finished Carmilla today and I really enjoyed it, so I hope you will too 🙂

    I’m holding a giveaway for The Vintner’s Luck in honor of LGBTApril. There’s still some time so if you haven’t entered yet, go for it! 🙂

  6. Ooh, I really want to check out Sarah Waters’ works! She seems to be a wonderful author, judging from all the praise she gets. I’m especially interested in Fingersmith 😀 Oh, oh, and Wildthorne looks great! And Carmilla is a fun novella, I think, though I wish it were longer. I was just so fascinated by the character of Carmilla that I wanted to read more of her!

    Awesome list, Miranda!

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