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Do you ever feel like you’re totally behind in the book world? Like there are a million books that were released so long ago that it feels like everybody else has read besides you? I’m constantly coming across these books that I can’t even believe I haven’t read yet.

10 Books It Feels Like Everybody Except Me Has Read: 

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman

These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman

Looking for Alaska by John Green

Looking for Alaska by John Green

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michele Hodkin

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michele Hodkin

Matched by Ally Condie

Matched by Ally Condie

Legend by Marie Lu

Legend by Marie Lu

Some of these…like Cinder and These Broken Stars, I purposefully haven’t started yet because they’re the first book in a series that hasn’t been finished yet (well, Cress just came out, but give me a break haha). Since I like to marathon my series, I’ve stopped starting series in which all the books haven’t been published yet.

But while that’s part of the reason there are so many books like the 10 I just mentioned on my TBR list, for most of them I have no excuse! Hopefully I can finally stop being such a sorry excuse for a book blogger and catch up on some of these this year 😉

What about you? Do you ever feel like this? What are some books you haven’t read that everybody else has?

23 responses to “Books That Everybody Except Me Has Read

  1. I ALWAYS feel behind too, and there are quite a few on that list I’ve been meaning to read but haven’t got round to either. There is just not enough time! Hoping to read Cinder soon though, It’s looking all pretty on my shelf waiting for me.

  2. DUDE. READ PERCY JACKSON FREAKING ASAP. It’s SUCH a great series! Actually, pretty much all the books on this list are ones that you should freaking read asap haha
    I have to admit, I haven’t read Speak either lol. I read The Impossible Knife of Memory because I got sent a copy of it for review and that book definitely made me want to read more of Halse Anderson’s work because her writing is great 🙂
    Some books that I should probably read at some point since everyone seems to fangirl over them- Steelheart, Tiger Lily, A Monster Calls

    • Haha oh my gosh I know. I’m so ashamed of my lack of reading these 😛 I will get to Percy Jackson soon, hopefully. It’s definitely not in one of my “comfort zone” genres, and I’ve been trying to push myself lately, so I’ll probably read it sooner rather than later. The only thing that’s stopping me is that it’s kind of a long series. But, they’re middle grade books, so are they quick reads? I’m not sure how long each book is/how readable they are.

      Same here re: The Impossible Knife of Memory! I liked it a lot, and it really made me want to read her other stuff. I actually already own Speak (and owned it before I got tIKoM, ugh), so I seriously have no excuse. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get to it this year!

      Hahaha this is funny — I was so close to putting all three of those books (Steelheart, Tiger Lily, and A Monster Calls) on this list, but I ended up not. And UGH I own all three of those. *hangs head*

      • They’re seriously quick reads. And the writing is really easy to read too! Almost a conversational tone to it. READ THEMMM 😛

  3. I feel the same way — but Eleanor and Park is the only book from your list that I’ve read, so you’re not alone in not having read those books!

    • Good to know I’m not alone! I think that you’re less into YA than I am, though, so at least you have an excuse 😛 There are definitely a lot of classics that I really need to read as well. Like I’ve never read anything by Virginia Woolf or Hemingway and it kills me!

  4. I haven’t read Speak, Mara Dyer, Matched, or Eleanor & Park either! Though the Mara Dyer series finishes this year, and the Matched Trilogy ended last year 😉 No more excuses for either of us!

    You HAVE to read the Legend trilogy, Miranda. It is a MUST READ! Actually, you need to read all these books. Except for These Broken Stars – you could wait on that one. But Looking for Alaska was better than TFiOS, and Anna and the French Kiss is the most perfect butterfly-inducing book I have ever read ❤

    • Haha I love how everybody has different opinions on which books I need to read more than the others. Ugh I know, I really need to get on these!! I’m planning to start the Legend trilogy soon, I really really want to read that one ASAP. I just bought the box set a couple of months ago! So I seriously have NO excuses with that one — I have it scheduled for some time in the next couple of months, I just don’t remember specifically when. Looking for Alaska was BETTER than TFiOS? I don’t think I believe you 😛 I guess I’ll have to find out for myself! I’m so torn about reading AaTFK, though. I think I will eventually, but I’m not as into contemporary YA, especially romances, as I wish I was haha.

      • BETTER!!! Take my word for it! Not nearly as gut-wrenching (didn’t even cry), but it’s more profound I think.

        Honestly, I don’t LOVE YA contempt. romances either, but AaTFK totally sucked me in. It’s one of the good ones!

  5. I’m very mixed on your list. Some I’ve read, some I haven’t, some I don’t care about. I’d say skip Matched – it was a solid, somewhat boring 3 star read but book 2 was a snoozefest + ridiculous angst.

    Cinder WAS one of my “everyone but me” items until a few weeks ago, and I really liked it and Scarlet! Haven’t gotten around to Cress yet but I will soon!

    These Broken Stars is definitely one of them. Also FanGirl, Alienated, The Beginning of Everything, Golden by Jessi Kirby, and so many more. Then I can’t even get into how much of the classic high fantasy stuff I haven’t read: books 3 and on in the Wheel of Time series, Game of Thrones … it goes on really.

    Thinking about it is overwhelming because new stuff is coming out all the time and I get further and further behind. >_<

    • Oh my gosh, I know…it gets so overwhelming. There’s definitely a lot of high fantasy stuff that I haven’t read either. I’ve read TSoIaF series, but I haven’t read like Lord of the Rings or basically anything else in that genre. Seriously, I could’ve made this list SO much longer, haha. A lot of people have been saying to skip Matched, but I already own the first book, so I’ll probably try it out and see if I like it, but go into it with low expectations. But I probably won’t get to it for forever anyway, since I have so many other books that I want to read more. Yeah I haven’t read Alienated, The Beginning of Everything, or Golden either. And I was a Fangirl virgin until just a couple of weeks ago!

  6. I know how you feel, Miranda! If you makes you feel any better, I’ve only read 4 of these. Cinder and These Broken Stars are some of my favorites ever. I didn’t like Speak much, and Eleanor & Park was kind of “meh” for me. Most of the rest of them? Not super interested in. I’ve pretty much given up on trying to keep up with all the books *everyone else* has read!

    • Yeah, obviously I’m not great with keeping up on them either! I’m not super worried about it…it’s just that sometimes I hear people fangirling about Anna and the French Kiss or These Broken Stars, etc., and I just want to be able to participate in the conversation! But I like your attitude 🙂 I definitely don’t want to be super mainstream in my reading, but I don’t want to be the odd duck out all of the time either haha.

  7. Haha, I have only read… three of these. Cinder was good, but you’re not losing anything by not reading Matched. You should read Anna though, it’s such a cute book (my favorite ya romance), and it’s set in Paris!!! Do I have to say more? 😉

    • Haha I KNOW so many people (SO MANY) have said amazing things about Anna and the French Kiss. I think that I’ve been holding off on it because I’m not super into contemporary YA, specifically fluffy romances (which I’ve heard it described as a bunch of times), so I’m worried that I’m not going to like it. But I WILL read it eventually. I’m just not sure when I’m going to have time :/

  8. Oh there are SO many books that I feel like I’m the only blogger who hasn’t read them! Like Cinder and E&P for example. And The Shatter Me series… and HELLO The Hunger Games!!! Speak is like YA classic. You really should read that if you get time 🙂

  9. You’re not alone! I’ve not read a single one of those books either. Half of them are on my TBR list but for some of those I don’t intend to read them because they don’t really interest me. I only read hyped up books that don’t particularly interest me once in a while. No point reading a book I doubt I’ll like, even if everyone else seems to be reading it.

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