Reasons I Love Being a Blogger/Reader {Top Ten Tuesday}

Top Ten Tuesday


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Blogger/Reader…so I’m going to do five reasons for each!


Five Reasons Why I Love Being a Blogger:

  1. Connecting with other bloggers/readers. Hands down, the best part about being a blogger is making friends. Friends with authors, friends with your readers, friends with other bloggers…I love them all!
  2. Documenting my life. My second favorite thing about blogging is how this blog is basically just a big scrapbook of my life, especially the bookish parts of my life. My thoughts, my photos, my goals, my achievements…it’s all documented here.
  3. It’s a hobby I can participate in. Not to get all negative or anything…but, as a handicapped person, I have very limited options when it comes to choosing hobbies. Blogging is something that I can 100% participate in even though I can’t get around very well. It’s a much-needed escape that I really, really appreciate.
  4. Getting ARCs. C’mon, I’m sure this is on almost everybody’s lists. Getting to connect with authors and publishers and read advanced copies of books we’re anticipating is a huge perk of being a book blogger. I don’t love everything about ARCs, but sometimes it can be really fun, especially if you get to promote a book that you really ended up loving.
  5. Talking with other book lovers. I love books. No — really — I love books. And, chances are, if you’re reading this? You love books, too. I don’t have any friends or family members who are anywhere near in love with books as I am. Some of them occasionally read, but it’s really not the same thing. Because of blogging, I actually get to talk and flail about book boyfriends with people who are just like me!


Five Reasons Why I Love Being a Reader:

  1. It’s an escape. Sort of similar to #3 of my first list, reading is my other hobby that I can fully participate in even though I’m handicapped. And, because I’m handicapped, I really need an escape from life sometimes. And books are the perfect thing for that! I can totally immerse myself in another world and get away from this one for a little while. I love that feeling of being consumed by a book — it’s probably my favorite thing about reading.
  2. It’s educational! I’m one of those people who thinks that all reading is good reading. You could be reading Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey, and you know what? I’d still be rooting for you. I think that books are educational, no matter what book it is. Sure, some books are more educational than others, but because of reading I’m constantly learning, growing, thinking, and improving upon myself.
  3. I never get frustrated over having to wait. I bring a book with me everywhere! So just in case I end up having to wait in the lobby for a doctor’s appointment or find myself early for an appointment…I’m all set! It doesn’t bother me one bit. Take that, all you people rolling your eyes and scrolling mindlessly through your phone, all bored and pissed off 😉
  4. It helps me fall asleep at night. Like I talked about in my discussion post the other week about reading before bed, I always read for about 1-2 hours (at least) before going to sleep at night. I have pretty bad insomnia, so keeping a schedule helps me, and reading instead of watching TV/being on the computer is definitely something that makes it easier to fall asleep at night, so I’m glad that I’m a reader. I don’t know what other people do!
  5. Buying books & staring at my beautiful bookshelves. There is pretty much nothing that I love more than getting new books. It’s just about the best feeling in the world. And then getting to put those books away in my bookshelves, all neat and organized and pretty?! Heaven.


Why do YOU love being a blogger or a reader? Share the links to your TTT posts in the comments below!



8 responses to “Reasons I Love Being a Blogger/Reader {Top Ten Tuesday}

  1. I love all of these! And I completely agree with #3 in your reading section – I work in a medical office, and often have people get frustrated if they wait too long (something I can’t control!). I always wonder why they don’t just whip out a book and chill for an extra ten minutes!

    As far as your insomnia (kind of off topic), I suffer from it too, and I recently started taking Melatonin pills before bed. Kind of like a sleeping pill, but it’s totally natural and it just kick starts the falling asleep process. Since I started taking it, I also don’t dream as much! Definitely worth a look into, I think 🙂

    • I take Melatonin! I love it. I’ve been doing better with falling asleep lately. I’ve stopped eating anything with caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate) after 5pm and have started a nightly routine — like brushing my teeth, washing my face, putting on lotion — doing everything all in a specific order, then settling down into bed with a book about 1 hour before I ideally would like to be asleep. And that, along with occasional Melatonin, has definitely helped a lot.

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