Do You Read Magazines?

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I’ve always been a big fan of magazines. Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve subscribed to a bunch of different ones. Right now, I subscribe to 5 different magazines:


  1. Every Day with Rachel Ray
  2. Food Network Magazine
  3. Better Homes and Gardens
  4. Taste of Home
  5. Cosmopolitan


I Love Magazines!

If I had the money, I’d probably subscribe to a BUNCH more! But these are the ones I can’t live without. Well, Better Homes and Gardens is a new subscription that I’m trying out. I got the subscription for like $5 on a super sale, and I want to see if I like it.

But Every Day with Rachel Ray, Food Network Magazine, and Taste of Home are my favorite recipe magazines. I love flipping through them and tearing out all of the tasty meal ideas. Sometimes I’ll find some recipes I want to make as-is, other times I just scan through and use the pictures as inspiration for my next great creation!

And Cosmo…well, it’s basically The Bible! (As said in Legally Blonde). I’ve been a subscriber for 5 years and I LOVE this magazine.


The Problem

But while I really do enjoy rifling through those glossy pages…I’ve found myself slacking in the magazine-reading department lately. And I can’t help but blame it on book blogging! Now that I’ve become a full-fledged book blogger, I’ve become much more competitive and serious about how many books I read.

And magazines don’t count as books. I can’t add each issue to to Goodreads so that it will count towards my yearly challenge goal. And the more time I spend on reading magazines, the less time I spend on reading books. And, honestly, I’d probably rather be reading the book, too.

So, because of this, I now have a HUGE stack of unread magazines just sitting next to my bookshelf, waiting for me to read. I’ve been trying to be better about this lately, trying to read at least one or two a week. But it’s starting to stress me out!


Do you have a big pile of unread magazines? Do you like magazines? Which ones do you subscribe to? Do you find yourself not as willing to read magazines because you’d rather be reading a book?





15 responses to “Do You Read Magazines?

  1. I’ve definitely found less time to read magazines since book blogging. I’ve never subscribed to any but I used to buy Sci-Fi Now (geek) and Empire magazines regularly. When I buy them now they just sit around untouched for weeks, and by the time I get round to them they’re out of date! I still like having them there as an option though. haha!

  2. OMG, I used to read magazines ALL THE TIME, but when I started blogging, those magazines started piling up, just like you said! I adore magazines and I wish I had more time to read them. I used to subscribe to Martha Stewart, Elle and Vanity Fair, and I loved all of them. Oh, and Entertainment Weekly, which is awesome if you want to keep up with pop culture. But I’ve dropped them all, sadly, and now I’m sad! I want to start reading them again!

    • Haha yeah I have a HUGE pile of unread magazines that I really need to go to. Ugh. I’m glad that I subscribe to them, but I wish that I let myself read them more often. I should’ve made that part of my 2014 bookish resolutions! Damn. Maybe next year.

  3. I used to read more magazines–when I was reading those of a family member who actually paid to subscribe to them. 😉 I like new-sy magazines and, occasionally, Entertainment Weekly, if they have a good feature on books or a show or movie I’m interested in.

    • Haha yeah magazine subscriptions can definitely be expensive! Somebody else mentioned Entertainment Weekly…but I don’t think I’ve ever read that one before!

  4. I don’t think I would compare reading magazines with reading books, but that’s because when I read a magazine I mostly scan the pages and only read what I’m REALLY interested in reading about.

    When I was in my teens I devoured magazines and had so many subscriptions! But then I would really read it too, not like now when I only scan magazines. Now that I’m in college I don’t have money for those subscriptions anymore!

    • I usually ask for the Food Network and Rachael Ray magazine subscriptions for Christmas! Any other ones, I can usually find great deals on throughout the year, like for $5 or less. When it comes to Cosmo, I usually read the whole thing like a book. But a recipe magazine isn’t really the same thing, you’re right. I end up flipping through those rather quickly, only stopping to read the recipes that I’m actually interested in making.

  5. I enjoy reading magazines. I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly so I get that every year. My library has an app where I can read magazines for free. So every month I just sit here and download the Oprah magazine and Martha Stewart Living. The have like every magazine except In Style which I love sooo much. So I have to read that up at the library when I go and I just check it out.

    • Oh yeah, I forgot that some libraries have magazines! I think that mine does, too, but we can’t actually check them out. You have to stay in the library to read them…so I’ve never done that. But that’s so cool that you can read the magazines from an app at your library! I’ve never heard of that before. And I don’t know if I’ve ever really read InStyle before. I’ll have to check it out sometime!

  6. Sadly, I was never much into magazines. Always books. I think it’s because there’s just none out there that really interest me :/ Or least none I have discovered that I really liked.

  7. I used to be sooooo into magazines! When I was in high school, I used to buy three magazines every month and absolutely devour them. I hardly use them anymore because I usually follow articles on the internet instead. But I do have fond memories. 🙂

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  9. Oh Miranda… I completely understand! Before book blogging I subscribed to a ton of magazines, and bought a ton in store as well and now I don’t read any. Even when I see a copy that catches my eye and I end up getting it, I often put it down in favor of a book. Sadly I have a ton unread on my desk… and a lot of them are OLD! *hides*

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