6 Ways to Know if a Craigslist Ad is Legit

*Last week I shared with you guys a funny old post from my other blog, Biting Life, about freaking out under pressure. Since I’m trying to clean out my old posts, I thought I’d share another cute, funny thing I wrote a while ago. My boyfriend and I live in our own house right now, but we used to live in an apartment that we found on Craigslist, and I came up with the tongue-in-cheek idea for this post after the experience of apartment hunting on that website.*


Have you ever wanted to know how to tell for sure if a Craigslist listing is legit? Make sure to follow these simple guidelines that I’ve compiled through my numerous escapades searching for housing on Craigslist.


6 Ways to Know if a Craigslist Ad is Legit

  1. I’ve found that you can always trust the ads you can tell were written by real “down-to-earth” folk. The best way to tell these ads from others is through their frequent misspellings. The worse the grammar – the better the person! I received an email from the landlord of an apartment whose kind (but badly formed) sentences helped reassure me that I was getting myself a great place to live. They told me: “If you notice, you will discovered that the price we are offering is far below standard price.” I should email them back right away!
  2. It’s great to find landlords that are really interested in getting to know you. If they send you a rental application form over email, you know you have a winner! Don’t forget to include important information they might need like your middle name, birth date, and social security number.
  3. Some people believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, but I beg to differ! I find that the most useful ads when searching for an apartment include paragraphs of text explaining the apartment, and no pictures at all. Who needs a photo when there are so many words to read?
  4. If, unfortunately, there are pictures in the ad you’re looking at, make sure that the listing includes plenty of photos. What you’re looking for is the same room from six different angles and two completely different kitchens. These pictures might look wrong, but don’t question it! An apartment with two kitchens… where do I sign?!
  5. Having a list of “must-haves” is an important part of any apartment search. It’s always awesome when you find apartments that go above and beyond for a low price. Make sure the $600/month rent for your spacious apartment includes all utilities, a fireplace, a jacuzzi tub, air conditioning, and free HBO. And it’s just your luck when they decide to throw in the dining room furniture set as well. You won’t accept anything less than the best!
  6. Last, but not least, make sure that the owners of the property are really nice. I’ve found that the nicest landlords are those who are sincerely invested in charity work. These great people will most likely be away on mission work in Africa for a few years and are willing to rent you their three-bedroom house with an ocean view for merely $500 a month. What a deal! You don’t want to let this one get away from you. Wire them the money ASAP and then wait patiently for the key and the rental agreement to arrive a few weeks later.


I hope my advice has helped you in your search for a great apartment on Craigslist!

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