My TBR Piles of Shame — A Bookshelf Tour

I think it’s time to come clean. Guys…I have a problem. A big one. And it’s name is called “the TBR pile.”

This is going to be hard, but I’m going to share stuff with you today. Stuff that I can’t take back! Stuff that will never again remain unsaid.

I own 445 books that I haven’t read yet.

Phew, that felt good. Now let’s break it down. I don’t have exact numbers (maybe I just don’t want to know), but probably about 300 of those books are on my Kindle. The rest are all in my dining room. And today we’re going to take a tour. I have other bookcases upstairs, full of books that I’ve already read and loved, but (pretty much) all of the books in my dining room are books that I haven’t read yet, and those are the ones you’ll be seeing today.


Here’s my bookcase. My TBR bookcase. Recently I went through it and completely organized it by genre, so I like the way that it looks right now. Eventually I actually want to stain it, because I really don’t like the color of the bookcase itself, but otherwise I’m pretty happy with it.


On the top shelf, I have my adult psychological thrillers and my young adult contemporaries. I didn’t have a specific rhyme or reason for putting certain genres together on a shelf, it was just what fit where at the time. On the left, I also have two more YA contemporaries stacked up and The Fault in Our Stars, which I’ve actually read, but just didn’t want to put upstairs with the other ones yet.

This is also where I keep one of (yes, one of) my goat stuffed animals, a tiny miniature goat figurine, a history of England pamphlet written by Jane Austen that my Dad gave me, and a postcard featuring a jar of goat’s milk caramel from a goat farm Brent and I visited this past summer. In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m kind of obsessed with goats.


The next shelf is the only shelf on this bookcase that isn’t truly TBR. On the left I have large books that don’t really fit anywhere else, including my Modernist Cuisine cookbook and the 100 Reasons Why I Love You scrapbook that I made for Brent for our three-year anniversary in November. On the right side are my two unopened box sets of the new illustrated Harry Potter series (I’ve read them all, just not these specific ones) as well as the Legend series by Marie Lu (haven’t read those yet).


On that same shelf, behind the box sets, lives my Jodi Picoult collection. I have every single book she’s ever published! A few of them aren’t here, like Lone Wolf and Sing You Home (those live in my adult psychological thriller section because they’re the only ones of hers that I haven’t read yet), and The Storyteller, which I own on audiobook but haven’t gotten around to buying the hardcover version of yet.

I really want to get these out of this bookcase so I can put more TBR books here instead, but I don’t have room for them anywhere else because I kind of want to keep them together.


The middle shelf is where I keep all my YA dystopians and paranormal novels. I think there’s a few sci-fi in here as well. On the right, I also have a couple nonfiction books as well as my high school yearbooks, which don’t really fit anywhere else.


On the second-to-last shelf, I have physical ARCs that I haven’t read yet, classics, and historical fiction (both YA and adult).


And lastly, I have my adult mysteries and thrillers, and adult contemporaries.


Even though this isn’t supposed to be a permanent fixture in the dining room, right now there’s a metal storage shelf that’s sitting next to my bookcase with a bunch of random stuff on it.

There’s a stack of old music books that I need to bring to the basement (in high school I was a pretty competitive singer), some books I bought my boyfriend for Christmas, a pile of my own and library books that I need to read this month, and a ton of magazines that I haven’t gotten around to flipping through yet.

The blue bin that’s next to the shelf is full of cat toys, in case you were curious 😉

Christmas & Birthday


Lying around on the floor next to my bookcase and on my desk (which is also in the dining room), I also have two piles of books that my parents recently gave me for my birthday and Christmas last month. That corner next to my tripod is also where I take pictures of my books to show you guys in my book hauls!



Yeah, it gets worse. While my bookcase looks nice and pretty…it’s not the end of the TBR pile. Books have started to overflow into random places like the dining room table now. I’m pretty lucky that my boyfriend puts up with this bad habit of mine!




And…yup. That’s the last of them. A huge-ass pile of books just sitting on the floor next to the dining room table. Ughhh I don’t even want to look at it, I’m so embarrassed!


So…be honest. Do your TBR piles look anything like mine? How many books do you own that you haven’t read yet?


29 responses to “My TBR Piles of Shame — A Bookshelf Tour

  1. OMG I SEE MY LIFE NEXT DOOR! You should read that book it’s amazing and the love interest is seriously swoony 😀
    Also Cinder and Pawn and Throne of Glass and Vicious omg *flail*

    But yikes, that is a lot of unread books! I don’t think I even own that many books haha. Ok I looked at the GR and I own 350ish books and out of those, I haven’t read maybe around 10-15. I have this weird thing where I really don’t like having books I haven’t read sitting on my shelves, so yeah…I’m actually working to mop up those remaining unread books these holidays!

    • I definitely want to read My Life Next Door. But, who am I kidding, I totally want to read ALL of these books haha. It’s more of a summer read I think (or maybe I just like reading YA contemporary in the summer?) so maybe I’ll check it out when it gets warmer 🙂

      I don’t really LIKE having this many unread books…it just kinda happened haha.

  2. Love this! I may steal (borrow!) your idea and do a post like this too:) I hate to say it but I’ve got WAY more books than this, but I’ve never actually done a count to see which ones I’ve read. I’m very impressed that you’ve actually organized your bookshelf by genre. Thanks for sharing!

    • Totally do it! I’d love to see posts like this on other blogs. Maybe just so I can compare my shame to theirs?? 😉 Wow, you actually have more than me? That’s impressive. Yeah I’m just a super organized person in general and when I was cleaning out my books one day (moving my already-read books upstairs and making that entire bookshelf TBR), I decided that that’s what I would do!

  3. 445?! Oh Miranda … oh my. That’s so many! I like your shelves and the way you have them organized.

    I had around 50 in my pile back in September and I went on a TBR challenge/culling spree. I’m down to about 10 from that original pile and there are another 20 or so I’ve bought since December.

    I’m curious, genuinely and not snarkily, does it stress you out to have that many books or is it a comforting thing because you have so much potential reading surrounding you? It’s like living in a library! Everywhere you turn, there’s a new adventure waiting for you!

    • Hahaha. I’m so ashamed!!! This is why I decided to make one of my New Year’s goals to read at least 5 books per month from the ones that I already own. Hopefully I’ll actually be able to do it! I really do want to get this pile down to a semi-reasonable amount.

      And it definitely stresses me out! I mean, I do like to have all of these books, but I start to worry that I’ll never read them all and I’ll just keep buying more, and then eventually my house will turn into one of those hoarder houses and there will just be books and cats everywhere and nobody will smell me if I die. But maybe I’m just being dramatic 😉

      I’m actually hoping to get another bookcase really soon, and hopefully that will (mostly) fix the problem of being stressed out by it. I think the biggest thing is that they’re just on the floor and in piles and stuff. I think that I’ll feel better once they’re all nicely lined up in shelves again.

  4. I’m in awe of your organization. My TBR’s are scattered all over the place. My bookshelf is alphabetical by author but I’m thinking maybe to rearrange it by type. I have piles stacked up all over the place too.

    • Haha wow, I’m glad that you’re in awe of my organization…not my crazy amount of books 😉 I thought about doing mine by alphabetical order, but I really like having it be genre right now. And I’m glad I’m not the only one with books everywhere!

  5. Is it bad that I see nothing wrong with this?? I’m thinking yes, since my mom recently attacked my room and cleaned all the books off the floor and made me rearrange my shelves.

    I think you should read World After or the Legend series soon 😉 Just my two cents!

    • Haha I’m glad you don’t see anything wrong with it! It makes me feel less embarrassed about it.

      I’m planning to read World After this month! And I have it scheduled to start Legend in June 🙂 I’m really excited for both of them.

  6. I think my eyes just fell out of my head and hit the floor. 445 books! I did spot Cat Daddy in those piles. Love that book and love Jackson!!

  7. I have a decent amount of books I haven’t read yet, but not really 445! I think I only *coughonlycough* own maybe 600 or 700. It’s been awhile since I counted, and they fluctuate due to donating ones I don’t like, purchasing new ones, etc. I actually really like owning a bunch of books I’ve yet to read, though, because I love having options. I want to, at any time, think I want to read something new today and be able to walk to my bookcase and pick one that really meets my spur of the moment fancy, rather than being limited by my lack of books.

    • 600 or 700?! Haha wow that’s a lot. I think I probably own about 100 that I haven’t read yet, so I’m almost caught up to you 😉 Yeah, that’s a good point. I’d probably make use of my practically unlimited selection more if I didn’t schedule my TBR so rigidly. I just really like being organized…as you could probably tell, haha. So that’s what works for me. But I can definitely imagine that it would be a cool perk if I didn’t do that.

  8. Soooo many books! Omg. And you’re so organized. Mine are just stacked around my bedroom floor lol

    I’m so jealous of your Harry Potter box set! I want that version so bad!
    Eeep, you haven’t read The Fault In Our Stars yet?! That book needs to move to the top of your TBR pile. Make sure to have some tissues ready because omg all the feels 🙂

    • Actually I’ve read The Fault in Our Stars! 🙂 Below the picture I mentioned that it’s just randomly up there because I bought it after I read it (originally got it from the library) and just wanted to look at how pretty it was for a while before I put it with all of the other books upstairs! Actually, maybe I should re-read it! That’s an actual reason for it to be on that bookshelf, haha. Hmm I’ll think about it. And yess I love my Harry Potter box set. I want to give those a re-read, too. But I almost don’t want to read the pretty new ones, haha!

  9. Wow, your shelves/piles are organized O_O
    I don’t have a specific place for my TBR and review copies, usually they just sit around haphazardly wherever I put them, instead of in a neat pile. I also don’t organize them by genre…I’d never have the patience for that! I’d probably never be able to find anything, either. I just go by author!
    Looks like you need a new shelf! I got 3 big ones last year and they’re already overflowing. Can’t have too many books 🙂

    • I’d looove to have new bookshelves! I’m planning on buying at least one soon, but I just haven’t been able to get around to it yet. For some reason, sorting them by genre totally works for me. I guess I think of books divided by genre in my mind, so when they’re separated like that in person, too, it looks like I feel like it should and makes it easy for me to find things. Once I have all of my books in shelves, I’ll probably sort them alphabetically within each genre…but that’s a task for another day! haha

  10. MIRANDA. Holy shit, girl, you just about gave me a heart attack with this confession!! But you know what, I bet my sister’s TBR count is similar to yours. Her entire bedroom is basically bed and books and like one square foot of floor space, lol. OMG I need a breather now! Sheeez, best of luck in trying to slog your way through this! (I’m not being helpful, am I?)

    • Hahaha this made me laugh a lot. I pretty much said “holy shit,” too, when I realized what the actual number was! I didn’t think that I had quite that many, but apparently I do. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to read them all! I think that there are a few that I bought for my Kindle way back when that I’m no longer interested in reading…so maybe deleting those will help. But even if I just ignore all of the books on my Kindle, I still am worried about ever being able to conquer my physical-copy TBR pile, too! I think at some point I’m just going to have to stop buying books, haha. But that’s something that I really need to work on…obviously 😛

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