My Top 15 Favorite Television Shows

So, this post obviously isn’t going to be about books…but I think that a lot of people who are big readers are also fans of television. It’s all a form of media!

Some people look down on television, and some people are just really into movies. But I’m a pretty huge fan of TV. I really don’t like movies, because I have trouble sitting still for so long. I also like how, with television shows, you can get a longer and more richly developed arc than you would in a movie…but there are tons of arguments on both sides. Television is just my personal preference.

I wouldn’t even say that I’m obsessed with it, or even necessarily that I watch a lot of it, but I do watch a lot of shows, and I always have fun doing so. My 15 favorites below only include shows that are still currently on the air, and they are in order of preference!

My Top 15 Favorite Television Shows:

Mad Men


How I Met Your Mother


Game of Thrones

Grey’s Anatomy


New Girl

Switched at Birth


Pretty Little Liars

Teen Mom 2, Teen Mom 3

The Bachelor/The Bachelorette

Rookie Blue


What are your favorite television shows? Do we watch any of the same ones?

8 responses to “My Top 15 Favorite Television Shows

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      • Hahaha okay. I was planning on probably skipping them since they didn’t seem like something I’d like, so I’m glad that I got the official “okay” from a real-life Vampire Diaries fan 😉 I will start watching it soon! I want to finish Private Practice before I start a new Netflix show, haha. Only like 4 more seasons to go….

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