Book Haul (#1): Library Book Sale (12 books!)

The other day, I dropped by my local library to pick up a few books that I had waiting for me and noticed that they were advertising a book sale that was going to happen this weekend. 

WOOHOO! There is just about nothing else that makes me as excited as book sales do.

I wasn’t expecting too much, but still went over to check it out as soon as I woke up this morning. And…I might’ve gone a little nuts. But, I mean, paperbacks were 50¢ and hardcovers were $1. That’s craziness!

Book Haul: Library Book Sale 9/21/13

Okay, so, like, I really want to start at the top and work my way to the bottom, but can we just pause for a second, because I’m sure you probably noticed it already.

I FOUND LIBBA BRAY’S BEAUTY QUEENS!!!! The second that I saw this book, I basically had a heart attack. How had the book sale already been open for three hours, yet somehow this was still left standing?! I had this book on my Christmas List! And this is a basically brand-new, in-perfect-condition copy of a book that people have been going nuts for lately. I still can’t even believe my incredible luck!

Okay, let’s go back to the beginning…


The Last Time They Met by Anita Shreve — Unfortunately, the book sale was kind of chaotic, so I didn’t get to do what I usually do…which is look up books on my iPhone’s Goodreads app to check its ratings before I actually buy it. But I figured that I mind as well just take a few chances, since they were so cheap. I just randomly picked this book up, because I vaguely recognized the author’s name, but I probably should’ve put it back down. Once I got home, I realized that it’s not something I want to read, but I’ll just recycle it and bring it to my local used bookstore for some credit.

The 19th Wife by Ebershoff — Yay! I knew for a fact that this one was actually already on my Goodreads to-read shelf, so obviously I had to get it. I’ve always been interested in reading about these types of things (religious cults and such), so after I read and liked Keep Sweet by Michele Dominiguez Greene this summer, I looked up a bunch of similar books and put them on my to-read list.

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown — I picked this one up mostly because it was a hardcover in literally perfect condition. I read The DaVinci Code about 8 years ago when it first came out and I remember really liking it. But that’s the one and only Dan Brown novel I’ve ever read, although (I think?) I do own Angels and Demons. Apparently this is the third one in the Robert Langdon series (Angels being the first, and DaVinci the second), so I think I’ll probably go back and read them all in order at some point.

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray — There isn’t much more left to say about this one, besides that I’m still super stoked to have found this and absolutely cannot wait to read it ASAP. And just look at that cover!

The Shack by Wm. Paul Young — I actually don’t really know how I feel about this one. A couple of years ago, it was extremely popular, but I avoided reading it because I heard that it’s very Christian. I’m not religious, and I’ve never read any Christian Fiction before, so I was really hesitant to jump on the bandwagon. But when I saw it at the book sale, I remembered that a friend’s mom once recommended it to me, and what the hell, it was only 50¢, so I just decided to grab it.

Drowning Ruth by Christina Schwarz — I actually think that I might’ve read this one before. But I seriously can’t remember and it’s on my Goodreads “to-read” shelf. Either way, it’s a psychological thriller set in the early 20th century, and that’s right up my alley, so I know I’m probably going to like it. And, even if I have read it, I don’t own it, and this one was in pretty good condition.

White Oleander by Janet Fitch — I’ve heard so many good things about this book, and I’ve almost bought it a few times recently. I guess I waiting just long enough…because I got it at the book sale for only $1. It’s about a girl who grows up as a foster child in LA, and it was an Oprah’s Book Club pick.

Blood Promise by Richelle Mead — Yay!! I was so happy to see this just lying there in the adult hardback section. I can’t believe it was still there waiting for me. I was already planning on reading this one in November, and now I have my own copy! The only thing that kind of bugs me is that I have the first two books in the series in paperback, and now I have this one that’s randomly hardcover. But, whatever, it doesn’t matter that much.

Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson — Another awesome find! Once again, I knew that this one was already on my to-read list, so of course, I snatched it up right away. It’s got a great rating on Goodreads, and even one of the little old lady librarian’s told me it was good when she saw it in my pile!

The Nanny Diaries by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus — This one was unfortunately another dud, once I saw the Goodreads ratings when I got home. I picked it up because I recognized it, but I just don’t think this one is going to be for me.

A Bend in the Road by Nicholas Sparks — Okay, I swear to you guys that, even though I used a Nicholas Sparks book for my Waiting on Wednesday this week and now have picked up one at the book sale, I’m really not that big a fan of his. I just noticed that this one was in really excellent condition, and knowing that I’ve liked a few of his in the past, I decided to add it to the pile. Everybody has to have their guilty pleasure books! 😉

Naked Heat by Richard Castle — Even though this one didn’t have a dust jacket…can you blame me?! I absolutely love the TV show Castle, and I still have yet to pick up one of their tie-in novels. As much as I think the concept is super corny…I just have to read this book. I can’t help myself!

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