Waiting On Wednesday (#1)

Waiting on Wednesday



For this week’s Waiting on Wednesday, I chose Nicholas’ Sparks upcoming novel, The Longest Ride.

I know, I know. Nicholas Sparks, really? But I have to admit that he’s sort of a guilty pleasure of mine. While I don’t love every single one of his novels, and definitely haven’t read all of them, he does have a couple gems in there — namely, Safe Haven and The Last Song.

C’mon, don’t even try to pretend like you didn’t see that movie, even though Miley Cyrus was in it and you know how much you hate Miley Cyrus, and what the heck is up with that naked wrecking ball shit, and shhh don’t tell anybody, but you had big, fat crocodile tears rolling down your face by the end just like I did.

Girl, it’s fine. Your secret is safe with me.

So, yeah. I’m waiting for this one. And I’m completely unapologetic about it. And obviously I’m not the only one, because I went to go put my name on the waiting list for a library copy and there were two hundred and twenty-two people in front of me. So, you can bash Nicholas Sparks all you want, but clearly he knows what the hell he’s doing.

And, also, I’ve never read a cowboy book before. So, apparently, it’s about time. 

6 responses to “Waiting On Wednesday (#1)

    • Hahaha. I caught you! He’s not a favorite of mine, but like I said, he has a few that are actually good. I think you have to be in a certain mood to read him, though. It can get a little sappy.

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