Book Review: Dear Adam by Ava Zavora


Dear Adam by Ava Zavora


Title: Dear Adam

Author: Ava Zavora

Publisher: Self-published

Publication Date: 9-16-13

Pages: 386

Genre: Contemporary Romance


“Why does it feel like time is our enemy? That we will never have enough?” 

Dear Adam blew my freaking mind. From almost the very first second that I started this book, I was hooked. I was obsessed.

I eventually had to literally force myself to put this down so that I could get to sleep, but I immediately picked it right back up again as soon as I woke up (thank God I chose to read this book on a Friday night!).

Dear Adam was magic. I don’t know how else to explain it besides saying that it felt like I was in the story myself. I was experiencing everything that Eden was experiencing, as it was happening to her. My heartbeat sped up, I lost my breath…this book completely consumed every part of me, every part of my soul.

In this book, Zavora has created such an incredibly tangible experience of an online relationship. I’ve had an online relationship in the past, and I felt like I was back in that time of my life. The way I felt reading this book was so similar to the way it felt in real life. I can’t help but think that Zavora’s book is based (at least partially, if not totally) on her own personal experience. How could it not be?

Dear Adam is just so real. And Adam himself was real, too. I felt like he was a real person the entire time. He was honestly one of the best male book characters I’ve ever come across. I usually don’t find myself being able to relate to the male characters, or picture them as being real people. But, Adam? Adam was there. He was with me the whole time. He was sexy, sweet, arrogant, annoying, confident, loving, beautiful, hurtful. He was REAL. He did things I didn’t like and had opinions that I didn’t agree with, but I still loved him the whole time. Because Adam was a guy that I could have fallen in love with. And maybe I did a little bit…

I can’t finish this book review without addressing its flaws. There are some spectacularly unbelievable things that happen. And then there’s the whole issue of the epilogue…which, honestly, I’m so torn and confused about that I’m not even going to address it. I think that I kind of wish that I hadn’t read it?

But I just don’t care about any of the negative aspects of this book. Because it was just too perfect. It was amazing. I can’t think of words to describe how much I love this book, and how much I think that everybody should read it (especially if you, too, have experienced the obsessive and narcotic experience of an online relationship).

**ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

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